When To Expect Aggretsuko Season 5 News

The popular Netflix anime has not yet been confirmed for a fifth season.

by Justice Namaste
A still image from the Netflix anime Aggretsuko, showing main character Retsuko sitting behind a lap...

Japanese anime series Aggretsuko tells the story of an introverted and naive red panda named Retsuko and her unconventional approach to dealing with the frustrations of working life. At the start of the show, Retsuko begins to cope with the stresses of her mundane office job by spending her evenings at a karaoke bar screaming out death metal — hence, “Aggretsuko”. Retsuko’s hobby starts to empower her to make other changes in her life, leading her to date new people, to learn how to drive, and eventually, even to take her karaoke talents to a real stage!

Although Aggretsuko’s earlier seasons have been well-received, Netflix hasn’t yet announced whether or not there are plans to renew the anime for a Season 5 — and that news likely won’t come for six to eight weeks after the premiere of Season 4, if it follows the same pattern as previous seasons. So, check back sometime in February to see if everyone’s favorite death-metal-loving red panda will be returning for a fifth season!

Aggretsuko Season 5 Plot & Cast

Although it’s still unclear what a Season 5 of Aggretsuko would be about, we do know that it will likely see Retsuko back in the office, as the Season 4 description released by Netflix makes it clear the red panda will be abandoning her life as an underground pop idol and returning to her mundane desk job in an attempt to live a happy normal life. Additionally, it seems possible that Season 5 would see more progress in the potential romantic relationship between Retsuko and Haida.

It’s likely that the main Aggretsuko voice cast responsible for the English dubs would also return for Season 5 — Erica Mendez as Retsuko, Katelyn Gault voicing Fenneko, Ben Diskin as Haida, and G.K. Bowes as Director Gori. As the plot of Season 4 has Retsuko returning to the office, it also seems possible that Season 5 will bring back some of her other co-workers, which could include Tsunoda (G. K. Bowes), Komiya (Todd Haberkorn), Tsubone (Debra Cardona), and Kabae (Misty Lee).

Aggretsuko Season 5 Premiere Date

A premiere date has not yet been announced for Aggretsuko Season 5, but we will update this post as more information becomes available. However, as Season 4 is set to premiere approximately one year after the announcement that the anime was renewed, it seems unlikely that a Season 5 would premiere before December 2022.