A Deeply Scientific Investigation Into Alex Turner’s Many, Many Hairdos

A true lock ‘n’ roll star.

Musician Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys has had many hairstyles over the years.
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Dave J Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Arctic Monkeys have been going for 20 years now, and in that time, their frontman has turned out some first-rate mops — from this frankly mesmerising quiff to the emo-inspired throwbacks that haunt us all. So, let’s hold his hair in deep devotion with a whistle-stop tour through the highlights. Pun intended!

The Indie Sleaze

As Maria once warbled in The Sound of Music, let’s start at the very beginning — a very good place to start. This combed-forward mop from 2006 is the newly-revived Indie Sleaze movement encapsulated in a single hairstyle. Top marks.

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