Alexa Chung's Is Shutting Down Her Fashion Brand

“My enthusiasm for fashion remains undimmed.”

Alexa Chung's Is Shutting Down Her Fashion Brand
Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

Alexa Chung’s namesake fashion line is closing after five years. The TV presenter and influencer launched her ALEXACHUNG label in 2017. However, in an Instagram post shared on March 17, 2022, Chung announced that she has begun “winding down operations” at the line, citing lockdown-related financial burdens as a major factor in her decision to do so.

“It was beyond an honour to be able to create my dream wardrobe, and I would like to thank our wonderful customers for the love you sent our way,” Chung wrote in a caption, adding that the experience of setting up her own label “has been rewarding and frequently joyful.”

The former T4 presenter also noted that the decision to close “was not taken lightly” and she is “so proud of the company we became.” Chung concluded, “Needless to say my enthusiasm for fashion remains undimmed.”

As per the Guardian, the ALEXACHUNG line was well received at London Fashion Week, where it featured twice following its 2017 launch. Chung’s clothing line was also stocked in some of the UK’s biggest department stores, including Selfridges, and collaborated with Barbour on collaborations.

Fans were as sad to see the brand go as Chung, it seems, leaving messages of well wishes. “So proud of everything you achieved and I can’t wait to see what ever it is you do next,” one user commented on Instagram. “You’ve created such beautiful pieces that have brought so much joy and beauty to the world,” another follower wrote.

Chung isn’t the only celebrity fashion line to have struggled in recent years. As per the BBC, Rihanna made the decision to close down her Fenty fashion label back in 2020. Elsewhere, Victoria Beckham’s fashion and beauty brand suffered a loss of over £8 million in 2021, and the former Spice Girl was advised to bail out her line with a significant “cash injection,” Metro reports.