Where To Follow The All Of Us Are Dead Cast On Instagram

Netflix’s newest South Korean horror series follows a group of students fighting to survive a zombie outbreak.

by Justice Namaste
A screenshot from 'All of Us Are Dead' of a handful of students wearing school uniforms and using sc...

In Netflix’s South Korean horror series All Of Us Are Dead, a group of students join forces to fight their way out of Hyosan High School after a virus outbreak on campus begins turning their classmates into zombies. Trapped without any food, cell phone service, or adults, the teenagers are left to take on the mass of zombies alone, all while hoping that someone is on the way to rescue them. If that plot description made your mind immediately jump to the popular South Korean zombie horror film Train From Busan (*raises hand*), you’re not alone — in fact, one of the characters even references the film in the All of Us Are Dead trailer.

It will likely be the first time U.S. audiences see many of the actors in the show, but there is one recognizable face: Lee Yoo-Mi, who portrayed Player 240 in Netflix’s hit survival drama Squid Game. She only has a small role in All Of Us Are Dead, and most of the rest of the cast members are up-and-coming young Korean actors. According to Huffpost Korea, series co-director Lee Jae-kyoo intentionally looked for lesser-known actors in the hopes that it would help the show feel more realistic and shocking.

Learn more about the All of Us Are Dead cast — and where to follow them on Instagram — below.

Yoon Chan-young (Chung-san)

Yoon Chan-young (@yooncy1) started his career as a child actor and most recently has had roles in the South Korean television series Nobody Knows and Doctor John. In All of Us Are Dead, he plays Chung-san (sometimes spelled Cheong-san), a student who Netflix describes as quick-thinking and composed — qualities that allow him to make clever decisions in the midst of the zombie outbreak.

Park Ji-hoo (On-jo)

Actress Park Ji-hoo (@03_hu) is best known for starring in the acclaimed 2018 South Korean film House of Hummingbird, for which she won the award for Best Actress in an International Narrative Feature Film at the Tribeca Film Festival. In All of Us Are Dead, she plays On-jo, whose firefighter father taught her survival skills that unsurprisingly come in handy.

Cho Yi-hyun (Nam-ra)

Prior to joining the cast of All of Us Are Dead, actor Cho Yi-hyun (@yihyun_1208) had roles in the South Korean television series Hospital Playlist and School 2021. Here, she portrays Nam-ra, the student class president who is “the smartest kid in school.”

Park Solomon (Lee Soo-hyuk)

Actor Park “Lomon” Solomon (@lomon991111) appeared in the South Korean series Lookout and Sweet Revenge. His All of Us Are Dead character Soo-hyuk (sometimes spelled Su-hyeok) is described by Netflix as a “reliable supporter” who doesn’t hesitate to protect others in dangerous situations.

Yoo In-soo (Yoon Gwi-nam)

Prior to All of Us Are Dead, Yoo In-soo (@k.a_innsoo) had roles in the South Korean television series Strong Girl Bong-soon, Moment at Eighteen, and At a Distance, Spring is Green.

Shin Jae-hwi (Chang-hoon)

In addition to his part in All of Us Are Dead, Shin Jae-hwi (@new__jh_) has appeared in the South Korean television series Nobody Knows, The Good Detective, and True Beauty.

All of Us Are Dead premieres on Jan. 28.