Kate Hudson Shows Off Her Musical Chops In Sia's New Controversial Film

Music is streaming now.

by Jessica Lachenal

Sia's known for her arthouse, film-like music videos. But with her musical Music, which made its streaming premiere on February 12, she takes a trip into the feature film world — albeit a controversial one. But while the rollout for the film has been contentious, the soundtrack for Music has some pretty solid musical hits.

In Music, Zu (Kate Hudson), a newly sober drug dealer, finds she's left to take care of her autistic half-sister, Music (Maddie Ziegler) after her grandmother passes away. Naturally, this throws Zu for a loop as she has to juggle caring for her half-sister with managing her sobriety and her hustle. The musical parts of the film kick in as a mechanism to illustrate what's going on in Music's mind and how she views the world.

Interestingly enough, Music was originally supposed to look — and sound — very different. As Sia told Rolling Stone in 2018, it wasn't even going to be a musical. "Then I realized they’d give me loads more money if I made it a musical," she explained.

Hudson even provides vocals for another song off of the soundtrack, appropriately titled "Music." Currently, only Sia's version of the film's soundtrack is available to stream, with only a few of the cast recordings available on YouTube. In any case, the full 14-track list for Sia's Music, is as follows:

  • "Together"
  • "Hey Boy"
  • "Saved My Life"
  • "Floating Through Space" (feat. David Guetta)
  • "Eye To Eye"
  • "Music"
  • "1+1"
  • "Courage to Change"
  • "Play Dumb"
  • "Beautiful Things Can Happen"
  • "Lie To Me"
  • "Oblivion" (feat. Labrinth)
  • "Miracle"
  • "Hey Boy" (feat. Burna Boy) - Bonus Track