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You'll Be Listening To The To All The Boys 3 Soundtrack Long After Finishing The Movie

It includes songs from FLETCHER, Betty Who, and Ashe.

by Jessica Lachenal

Netflix's To All the Boys franchise is ready to make its final bow with its third installment, Always and Forever. The film finds Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) still very much in love, but coming upon yet another test. When they discover that they won't be attending Stanford together as they planned, they're each left trying to figure out how to both keep their relationship alive and go to the colleges of their dreams. Certain that long distance would be the end of their relationship, it seems like the end is in sight for the pair — or is it?

Matching this vibe is the song used in the Always and Forever trailer: Betty Who's cover of the Donna Lewis classic, "I Love You Always Forever." Not only does the title of the film line up perfectly, but the lyrics ("I love you always forever / Near or far, closer together / Everywhere I will be with you / Everything I will do for you") nail the plot as well. Like Lara Jean and Peter, they're a perfect match.

But that's not the only great song used in the film. Read on for more of the Always and Forever soundtrack:

  1. Leah Nobel, "Beginning Middle End" [original, written for the film]
  2. The Greeting Committee, "Run For Your Money"
  3. Anna of the North, "Dream Girl"
  4. FLETCHER, "On Fire Again" [original, written for the film]
  5. Suzi Wu, "Eat Them Apples"
  6. The Greeting Committee, "Beginning Middle End" [original, written for the film]
  7. Black Match, "Won't Let Go"
  8. Jordan Suaste, "If The World Ended Tonight" [previously unreleased]
  9. Emmitt Fenn, "Until We Leave The Ground"
  10. The Greeting Committee, "17"
  11. Blossoms, "Oh No (I Think I'm In Love)"
  12. Peter Manos, "In My Head"
  13. Ages and Ages, "Unsung Songs"
  14. Ashe, "The Same" [original, written for the film]
  15. Leah Nobel, "Beginning Middle End (Always And Forever Mix)" [original, written for the film]