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Real Girlfriends In Paris’ Anya Firestone Is A Certified Expert In French Culture

She embraces being called the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” of France.

by Kadin Burnett
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Anya Firestone in 'Real Girlfriends In Paris'
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Not many shows are better suited than Real Girlfriends In Paris to live vicariously through its cast members. Who wouldn’t want to find love, success, and friendship, along with easy access to fresh croissants and baguettes? Real Girlfriends, premiering Sept. 5 on Bravo, promises to deliver a romp through the City of Light with the drama you would expect from the Real Housewives network. The series follows six Paris-based women, as they try to navigate their lives, loves, and lofty goals. In most cases, the women are relatively new to Paris, except for Anya Firestone the show’s established resident.

Back when the series trailer was released, Bravo first introduced show’s leads, including Firestone. Unlike the rest of her cohorts, she’s lived in Paris for a decade, which adds to her expert understanding of the city. It also helps that she has a Master’s degree in French cultural studies, in addition to being a licensed tour guide for French cultural and historical venues. However, as fans will come to learn, Anya is more than just a Parisian encyclopedia.

Anya Firestone’s Instagram

When you think of Paris, you might imagine the art, the fashion, and the food. Well, that’s essentially what Anya’s Instagram is like. It’s teeming with some of the most outlandish choices, like telephone earrings, carbonara-style heels, and of course, dresses, upon dresses, upon dresses. But also featured across her feed are numerous photos of art and installations, ranging from lobster phones, to grandiose chandeliers and classic paintings. If food is more your speed, she has snaps of oyster platters and luxurious outdoor picnics for anyone interested.

Her page also includes photos of her fiancé Matthieu Rasset. We’ll dive deeper into him later, but using Anya’s Instagram as a guide, the two are partial to underground bars, rooftop balconies, and even the odd trip to Tuscany.

Anya Firestone’s Job

Anya is a woman of many titles, far beyond her status as one of Bravo’s newest it-girls. First, she’s a nationally licensed museum lecturer and Guide Conférencière in France, which qualifies her to host exclusive, tailored tours for private clients. She also served as an arts and culture critic for High Snobiety.

However, it would appear that Anya’s true passion is found in her business venture, Maison Firestone. According to its website, Maison Firestone “curates out-of-the-box and out-of-the-boutique experiences poised to amplify brand identity through cultural engagement.” Evidently, the company does so by Anya throwing private soirees designed for networking and cultural experiences. Maison Firestone also includes a full library of Anya’s articles on culture, ranging from musings on artists' assistants to examinations of local street artists. Additionally, you can learn a little more about Anya’s life before Paris. Before reaching where she is today, she was a gallery curator in New York, working with mid-century art and design. She would later go on to focus on writing and poetry.

Anya Firestone’s Fiancé

Anya said she leans into being called the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” of France, for how she welcomes and comforts the cast in Paris. She’s known for hosting dinners at her home with her fiancé Matthieu Rasset and puppy Zsa Zsa in attendance.

Matthieu is a data scientist and luxury business specialist in France. He grew up around science and mathematics as the son of two professors and earned his Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Le Havre, before spending two years abroad in China. He also spent seven years as a horologist — a person who studies time. That led him to begin working in luxury sales and jewelry, which eventually transformed into a career in data science. As far as his social media presence, Matthieu’s Instagram has only one photo that features a black and white picture of himself with Anya at an event.

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