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Carrington & Laurel's Love Island Relationship May Last After All

Did you hear his final speech?

Love Island Season 2 Carrington and Laurel via CBS Press Site

Although they faced perhaps the most challenges on Love Island, Carrington and Laurel are still together and are headed home with intentions to grow stronger as a couple. After Carrington struggled to choose what (or who) he wanted in the villa, his final speech to Laurel was surprisingly vulnerable and honest, which might mean they have a real shot at making a relationship work.

"To me you are sheer perfection," Carrington said in his final declaration. "I feel as if we are becoming the couple we dreamed of finding when we entered the Villa. As we leave our beginning in the past tonight, I can't help but think about our future." Later, after aspiring to travel to Fiji and Paris with Laurel, he even mentioned the possibility of moving in together.

Laurel was visibly blown away by his comments, and has already expressed her gratitude for their love online. "Words can’t even describe the emotions I’m feeling right now," she wrote on Instagram on Oct. 1, the day after the finale aired. "This experience not only brought me my handsome man, but also along with that so much growth and an amazing new family ... Thank you to everyone who tuned in and watched our time on @loveislandusa. We love you endlessly."

Over on his page, "Date Guy" Carrington showed similar appreciation under a photo with Laurel. "This was the craziest experience of our life," he wrote. "I made so many great memories and life long friends. Thank you @loveislandusa !!!" Laurel commented with three red heart emojis. On his Oct. 1 Instagram Story, Carrington shared his Love Island cast photo, writing, "We out, see you soon Utah." He also shared a fan's edit of his and Laurel's journey, which Laurel also shared, adding that they're loving all the support.

For now, it looks like Larrington are in it for the long haul. We'll see if anything changes once they arrive home.