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Clint & Gina Are Still Good Friends After Their MAFS Season 16 Divorce

One of them has moved on with a new partner.

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'Married At First Sight' Season 16 couple Clint and Gina
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When Married at First Sight Season 16 cast member Gina Micheletti moved into her high-rise condo in downtown Nashville, she predicted that she’d meet her husband there. The 35-year-old salon owner wasn’t too far off, either: On the Lifetime reality dating series, she learned that her match, Clint Webb, lived in the same building, and they might have even talked to each other in the elevator. Though they got married on MAFS, their relationship ended in divorce — and even involved a partner swap.

From the beginning, Clint and Gina struggled with a lack of physical chemistry. Gina didn’t feel “sexual sparks” with Clint, who admitted that he liked the “concept” of having a wife but also had been a player in the past. “I’ve slept with 65 partners, but at the end of the day, I just haven't found Mrs. Right,” he explained in a confessional. The couple never found that spark either, leading to their eventual breakup and divorce. Afterward, Clint tested the waters with their co-star Domynique “Dom” Kloss — who was previously married to Mackinley “Mack” Gilbert — and Gina even supported the coupling when they kissed in front of her. (They’re not together now, though.)

On the MAFS Season 16 reunion, Clint and Gina said that they’ve gotten even closer as friends since their Decision Day breakup. Though Clint revealed that he’s not currently single and has been dating someone for a few months, Gina hinted she might be open to getting back together one day if things don’t work out for them.

Prior to their MAFS Decision Day reveal, the clues already pointed to a breakup. For starters, Clint’s Facebook listed his relationship status as single when the series premiered, though his most recent public post at the time was from May 2020. The 40-year-old native of Youngstown, New York, still seemed focused on growing in his job as a commercial account executive at Salesforce, a company that makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses, though.

Similarly, Memphis-born Gina explained in her MAFS bio that she’d previously put a pause on dating to advance her career and was in the process of expanding her salon business. Though Gina’s personal Instagram is set to private, she recently created a new page for Slay Bae Beauty Co., which the University of Alabama alum founded in 2018.

The MAFS Season 16 trailer didn’t exactly paint their relationship in the best light either. In one scene, Clint described the typical women he’s dated as being “very athletic, slender,” prompting Nicole to tell the cameras that he’d “made comments that were offensive to every woman out there with a real, natural body.” She punctuated her statement by making a gagging noise and calling Clint “a d*ck.” After Mackinley tells him that he thinks Gina is “sexy” and that he’s “crazy” to think otherwise, a subsequent clip shows the couple in an argument that leads Gina to walk away, telling Clint she’s “done.” His response? “You should be done,” Clint says back, adding, “What an unfortunate turn of events. Unreal.”

Though Clint has since moved on, Gina’s search for love continues outside the world of reality TV.

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