Love Is Blind: Brazil’s Daniel & Daniela Addressed Their Sexless Honeymoon

Instagram offers clues about their relationship status after filming the reality series.

Daniel Manzoni & Daniela Silva got engaged on 'Love Is Blind: Brazil' via Netflix's press site
Kelly Fuzaro/Netflix

By the end of Love Is Blind: Brazil's first several episodes in Season 3, Daniel Manzoni and Daniela “Dani” Silva were the only couple who didn’t have sex during their post-engagement honeymoon. That’s not to say they didn’t want to. “She knew I was horny and sh*t,” Daniel, 31, told the other guys, but the 36-year-old São Paulo model and entrepreneur explained that she didn’t feel comfortable being intimate with Netflix’s cameras rolling. Regardless, their first night together in Rio Grande do Norte was “just as amazing as if we had sex,” she said, though a strategic cut to Daniel’s face seemed to suggest that he didn’t agree.

Though viewers will have to wait to find out if they are still together, Dani called out the scene’s editing. Writing in a post-premiere Instagram Stories post that the clip of Daniel’s “upset” face didn’t “correspond to what actually happened,” she reiterated, “I did not feel disrespected.” In the same June 11 series of posts, Dani also addressed why she wanted to wait to have sex with Daniel, breaking her response into two parts.

“First my body MY RULES, I have never been influenced by people or situations, I think it's wrong to have sex the first time? NO!” she wrote, translated from Portuguese. “Everyone has the right to do what they want, whenever they want, I'm in favor of freedom of choice and this time, I didn't feel comfortable with the cameras in the room the whole time. I didn't feel pressured by Daniel at all!”

Second, the São Bernardo do Campo native explained that she doesn’t find sex to be a taboo subject, but simply felt it was “very strange” after having “had sex without cameras” her whole life. Referring to herself as “human,” she admitted that there was no lack of sexual attraction between her and Daniel, before revealing what really happened behind closed doors on their first night together. “We talked a lot, listened to music, danced,” she added. “And it wasn't any less special for that.”

Days earlier, Dani also reflected on her Love Is Blind journey positively, writing, “I threw myself into this experience with all my fears, failures, mistakes and successes, but most of all, I went [in head-first] and I don’t regret absolutely anything.”

Meanwhile, Daniel — who’s “known for being a bit of a stud,” per his Netflix bio — called Love Is Blindthe greatest experience I've ever had in my life” on Instagram. Even so, he posted a video apology to “all the women who felt offended and disrespected” by what he referred to as “sexist and immature comments.” Translated from Portuguese, he explained that he is prone to mistakes as a human, but is also on a path of learning and growth and hopes people will get to know more about him.

Though Daniel and Dani have spoken only positively about each other after filming wrapped, one hint that might not bode well for their current relationship status is that they don’t currently follow each other on Instagram. They weren’t featured prominently in the preview for the episodes leading up to Decision Day either, but one clip teased that Dani had already caught her fiancé not wearing his engagement ring.

Until now, they’ve seemed to have a solid footing, so it could all just be a Netflix fake-out. Stay tuned for a post-finale update.