Are Valmir Reis & Karen Bacic Together After Love Is Blind: Brazil?

Their relationship isn’t quite a fan-favorite.

Valmir and Karen on 'Love Is Blind: Brazil' Season 3. Photos via Netflix
Kelly Fuzaro/Netflix

When it comes to dating in the pods on Love Is Blind, some couples click right away — but others go through a few rounds of love geometry before getting together. Such was the case for Valmir Reis and Karen Bacic of Love Is Blind: Brazil Season 3, which premiered on June 7. At first, Valmir spent much of his pod time with Maria Carolina Caporusso. However, Maria began to worry that he “told all [her] friends the same thing.” When she brought this up with Valmir, his response further worried her. “The tone that Valmir uses also sets off the alarms for me of an abusive relationship,” she said in a confessional.

Karen, meanwhile, began forging a connection with Italo Antonelli. But when Valmir heard Italo praising Karen in the men’s lounge, he wanted to pursue her for himself. “I’m not here for friends,” Valmir said. “I’m here for marriage.”

Ultimately, their respective breakups paved the way for Valmir and Karen to get engaged. While they quickly bonded (and discovered a shared penchant for balcony sex), not all of their podmates supported the relationship. As Karen’s friend Ágata Moura put it, “The sh*tty thing about liking Karen is that we have to like Valmir.”


During the Episode 4 pool party (because on Love Is Blind, there’s always a pool party involved), tensions came to a head. Ágata was upset that her fiancé, Renan Justino, was being friendly with Valmir — and even telling him about Ágata’s dislike for him. Meanwhile, Valmir became angry when Karen joked about being his No. 2 “leftover” pick (after Maria). “That made me so f*cking pissed,” Valmir said in a confessional. “There are no leftovers here.”

So, are Valmir and Karen together today? The preview for the next batch of episodes teases trouble ahead, including a clip of Valmir calling Karen “annoying.” As of June 12, they don’t follow each other on Instagram — but reality stars will often minimize social signs of their relationship to prevent spoilers, so that doesn’t necessarily mean too much.

On the day of Love Is Blind: Brazil Season 3’s premiere, Karen issued a request to viewers in the style of doctor’s orders: “It is strictly prohibited to judge ahead of time,” the lawyer wrote, adding that anyone who wants to “cancel” or “say who is right and wrong” should “please wait until the end of the season.”

Given that her fiancé is one of the season’s more polarizing personalities, it seems that Karen was preemptively defending Valmir with her message — which could point to them being a couple today, though fans will have to wait and see.