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Kendal Reportedly Admitted He Made Some "Mistakes" On Temptation Island

The real estate agent posted a since-deleted Instagram rant about the show.

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Kendal Kirkland and Alexcys Homan in 'Temptation Island' Season 3 via USA's press site
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It didn’t take long for Kendal Kirkland to admit he was “falling for” single Alexcys Homan on Temptation Island Season 3. Though Kendal came on the show with Erica Washington — his girlfriend of two and a half years — he pretty immediately hit it off with Alexcys, who didn’t hold back about pursuing him. “I think Erica definitely should be worried,” Alexcys told cameras in the March 2 episode. “You know, Kendal and I are connecting. Our little flirtiness is progressing, and I think there’s definitely potential for Kendal and I to take the next step here soon.”

Moments later, Kendal invited Alexcys to “lay down and chill and relax,” and what resulted was the first of several hookups. But whether or not that resulted in Kendal actually leaving the island with Alexcys is anyone’s guess. Alexcys’ Instagram is currently set to private and she hasn’t used her Twitter account since 2018, so there aren’t any clues to be gleaned there. Kendal’s social media presence isn’t any more helpful: he’s only been sharing photos of himself on Instagram, with the exception of a couple promotional shots for the series and one picture with two guy friends.

During Kendal and Alexcys’ emotional goodbye before his final decision, the pair agreed that they’d developed strong mutual feelings. Though Kendal promised multiple times that they were “gonna be good,” he also admitted that he didn’t know how the rest of the journey would play out. “I think that every single day I got to see a new part of you ... a new part that I’ve grown to love and cherish and appreciate, and I know this isn’t goodbye,” he told Alexcys, asking her to trust him and his judgement. Alexcys, for her part, said she’d respect whatever decision Kendal makes, noting that the ball was in his court.

It’s equally unclear if Kendal is still with Erica. She recently deleted the only photo she still had of Kendal on Instagram, aside from Temptation Island promos, which doesn’t exactly seem promising. But the two do still follow each other on the platform, so it’s possible they came away from the show with their relationship intact.

Either way, fans have certainly taken sides. After USA tweeted a clip teasing Kendal and Alexcys’ hookup earlier in the season, several users went on the attack. “I was gonna say he must hate watching this play out but he obviously doesn't actually feel things,” one user tweeted, while another added, “Kendal is wack.” Someone else predicted that he “will hit Alexcys and move to the next girl.” Even USA captioned the post: “All we can do is feel for Erica in this moment. Our thoughts are with her!”

After the second episode aired, Kendal reportedly posted and deleted an Instagram video defending himself against social media trolls. According to Screen Rant, he admitted to making “mistakes,” but added that Temptation Island didn’t accurately portray his personality. “Those that speak against me, great things don’t normally happen to them because God doesn’t like ugly,” Kendal reportedly said in the since-deleted clip.

It’s possible Erica — who came on the island insisting that Kendal is the man for her despite admitting she feels under-appreciated in the relationship — similarly saw Kendal’s interactions with Alexcys as mistakes and forgave him. Or it may have just pushed her, too, into the arms of someone else, whether on or off the show.

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