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All The Ups & Downs To Remember From The Baby-Sitters Club Season 1

From family drama to friendship feuds.

by Kadin Burnett
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Shay Rudolph as Stacey McGill, Kyra Sanchez as Dawn Schafer, Vivian Watson as Mallory Pike, Anais Le...

Prepare to revisit Stoneybrook, Connecticut: The Baby-Sitters Club returns to Netflix for Season 2 on Oct. 11.

Season 1 introduced a revamped take on the decades-old book series that was popularized in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, kicking off with the formation of the titular club by Kristy (Sophie Grace), Momona (Claudia Kishi), Stacey (Shay Rudolph), and Mary Anne (Malia Baker). Kristy takes on the role of club president, Mary Anne the secretary, Stacey the treasurer, and Claudia the vice president.

At the same time, Kristy’s mother, Elizabeth (Alicia Silverstone) is readying to marry her long-term boyfriend, Watson, much to Kristy’s chagrin. However, it’s Watson who gives the BSC their first gig, after he asks them to look after his children. It doesn’t take long for a rival club to arise: the “Baby-Sitters Agency,” made up of money-minded teenagers with cars and cachet. However, it’s revealed that the BSA is irresponsible with the children they’re tasked with watching. When the BSA starts to lose clients, they release a video of Stacey having a diabetic seizure, causing parents to rethink the abilities of the Baby-Sitters Club. Stacey is then forced to reveal her diabetic status to her friends, and they support her. The girls meet with their clients and reassure them that, despite Stacey’s diabetes, the group is fully capable of looking after their children.

Having righted the ship, their business begins to take off — until Mary Anne breaks the rules and takes a babysitting job on her own. It causes a rift in the group, and when Mary Anne vents to her dad (Marc Evan Jackson), he calls everyone’s parents, worsening the situation. Ostracized, Mary Anne bonds with Dawn (Xochitl Gomez), a new student who recently moved to Stoneybrook from Los Angeles. Mary Anne carries through with her solo-sitting job, but ends up having to take the child, Bailey, to the hospital. Once there, Bailey, who is transgender, is misgendered by doctors, which Mary Anne takes issue with. After learning of the ordeal, the group welcomes back Mary Anne, and she and her dad mend their relationship in the process. It’s also revealed that Mary Anne’s father and Dawn’s mother (Jessica Elaina Eason) were high school sweethearts.


Mary Anne introduces Dawn to the club, but must earn her entry, so Dawn takes a babysitting job of her own. When her services are taken advantage of by a child’s mother, the rest of the club steps in to defend her, fully accepting her into the group. It’s also here where Kristy reveals her father walked out on their family.

The season dips into sentimentality as Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey help to redecorate Mary Anne’s room with pictures of her mother, who passed away when Mary Anne was 18 months old. Later, Claudia gets into an argument with her sister, Janine (Aya Furukawa), causing their grandmother (Takayo Fischer) to have a mild stroke. While in the hospital, their grandmother begins talking about her life and experience in a wartime internment camp. Their grandmother speaks in Japanese which Claudia can’t yet speak, but Janine can. This bonds the sisters closer together and inspires Claudia to draw a photo of her grandmother as a young girl during WWII.

Once spring break arrives, the girls’ take a week-long gig near a beach, causing Stacey to develop a crush on an older life guard. However, he reveals he has a girlfriend, and Mary Anne comforts her. At the same time, Kristy accidentally wrecks Watson’s car, but he assures her it’s OK, furthering their relationship as future step-daughter and step-father.

As the season ramps up, the girls get ready to attend Camp Moosehead for the summer — except for Claudia, who may not be able to afford it. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Kristy clash over the lavish lifestyle that Watson is introducing into their family. Elizabeth believes Kristy has become spoiled, whereas Kristy feels scorned, having never wanted her mother to get re-married in the first place. At the wedding, Kristy has her first period, receiving aid and support from the rest of the club. Feeling better, she reconciles with her mother before she and Watson leave for their honeymoon.


The two-part finale takes place at summer camp, which Claudia is able to attend, having forgone art camp. The group’s first struggle comes when they learn they won’t all be in the same cabin. Later, Mary Anne befriends a girl named Laine (Beatrice Kitsos) and bonds with her over their love of Broadway. They make plans to put on a play for the camp, but Mary Anne learns that Laine used to know Stacey and was mean to her once she found out about Stacey’s diabetes. Meanwhile, Claudia and Dawn are chastised for putting on activities for camp attendees who can’t afford to participate. Elsewhere, Kristy gets into trouble for trying to take charge of the younger campers, despite not being a counselor.

The finale’s second half sees Laine and Stacey reconcile while being treated for poison ivy rashes. Mary Anne’s play continues, and in the process she shares a kiss with her crush, Logan (Rian McCririck). Later, a camper named Karen (Sophia Reid-Gantzert) goes missing, but the club tracks her down. They learn that she’s anxious at camp, but assure her that her camp experience will improve. Upon their return, Dawn and Claudia form a protest to address the camps financial exclusivity, which threaten’s Mary Anne’s play. In the end, the girls are disciplined by camp counselors but plead their case, referencing their support of Karen. At the end of the season, they’re made counselors-in-training.

Season 2 looks to have no shortage of more dilemmas, friendship, and growth for the club. Here’s hoping they can keep the suburbs of Stoneybrook under control.

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