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Jenn’s Bachelorette Cast Includes The Twin Of A Franchise Alum

Her season is just weeks away.

Jenn on The Bachelor. Photo via ABC
Disney/John Fleenor

The Bachelor Nation off-season is coming to an end. Months after being announced as the new Bachelorette, Jenn Tran is back from filming her own journey for love, and it sounds like a good one. “Past couple of months have been crazy but I’m back, I’m grateful, and it’s only just the beginning,” Jenn shared in a May 24 Instagram post.

ABC revealed Jenn’s Bachelorette cast a week later, which means it’s officially time to start theorizing about who will earn the most roses in Season 21.

Among the lineup of suitors is 29-year-old Aaron Erb, aka Bachelor in Paradise alum Noah Erb’s twin brother. Given that Noah is engaged to Abigail Heringer, maybe he’ll have some words of wisdom for his brother. (Aaron’s bio notes that they’re “extremely close and even more competitive.”)

Until then, here’s a look at Jenn’s Bachelorette cast, trailer, and premiere date.

Meet The Men


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Aaron, 29, is an aerospace engineer from Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Austin, 28, is a sales executive from San Diego, California.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Brendan, 30, is a real estate broker from Vancouver, British Columbia.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Brett, 28, is a health and safety manager from Manheim, Pennsylvania.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Brian, 33, is an aesthetics consultant from Boynton Beach, Florida.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Dakota, 27, is a sommelier from Paradise Valley, Arizona.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Devin, 28, is a freight company owner from Houston, Texas.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Dylan, 24, is a medical student from Elk Grove, California.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Grant, 30, is a day trader from Houston, Texas.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Hakeem, 29, is a medical device salesman from Schaumberg, Illinois.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Jahaan, 28, is a startup founder from New York, New York.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Jeremy, 29, is a real estate investor from New York, New York.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

John, 25, is a medical student from Delray Beach, Florida.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Jonathon, 27, is a creative director from Los Angeles, California.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Kevin, 25, is a financial analyst from Denver, Colorado.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Marcus, 31, is an army ranger veteran from Raleigh, North Carolina.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Marvin, 28, is a luxury event planner from Santa Monica, California.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Matt, 27, is an insurance executive from Atlanta, Georgia.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Moze, 25, is an algebra teacher from Albany, New York.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Ricky, 28, is a pharmaceutical representative from Miami, Florida.

Sam M.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Sam M., 27, is a contractor from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Sam N.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Sam N., 25, is an entrepreneur from Carlsbad, California.


Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Spencer, 30, is a pet portrait entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas.

Thomas N.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Thomas N., 31, is a retirement adviser from Tucker, Georgia.

Tomas A.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Tomas A., 27, is a physiotherapist from Toronto, Ontario.

Here’s When Jenn’s Season Premieres

You can tune in for Jenn’s season premiere on July 8. The show will air on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC and stream the next day on Hulu.

Jenn’s First Trailer Turned Heads


There’s no full trailer for Jenn’s Bachelorette season yet, but a new teaser set to Little Mix’s “Power” sets the tone for a fun-filled journey.

In the clip, Jenn operates a colorful, life-size claw machine from the inside — picking up a rose from the pile of plush men.