Benedict Is FBoy Island’s Resident Funny Guy In Season 2

Will the stand-up comedian win Louise’s heart and the $100,000 prize?

by Kadin Burnett
Mercedes Knox, Benedict Polizzi at a ceremony on 'FBoy Island'
Hassen Salum/HBO Max

A summer surrounded by attractive singles on a beachside villa sounds like a dream situation for many people, but HBO Max has other plans. The premise for FBoy Island spoils that would-be good time by tempting its three female leads with a mix of 24 nice guys and self-proclaimed fboys. It’s up to our three leads to choose the right guy for them, and if that guy truly is a good one, they can split their share of the $100,000 prize. But if they pick a jerk, that fboy has the opportunity to cut and run with the entirety of the prize fund.

It’s one of those dating shows that calls into question who’s there for the right reasons and who’s there for a paycheck. One contestant who may have a problem answering that question is Benedict Polizzi.

Benedict’s Job

Many viewers think that people only go on reality television to get famous. And while that may be true sometimes, that might not be the case for Benedict. He’s not so famous that he’s too big for FBoy Island, but his following is nothing to scoff at. He boasts upwards of 67,000 followers on Twitter, 85,000 followers on Instagram, and what appears to be a pretty successful podcast called Espresso w/ Benedict Polizzi. He’s also available for comedy bookings on his website. Aside from stand-up, Benedict is also a fairly successful Youtuber, uploading videos of him attempting to become a firefighter, trying odd food and drink concoctions, and picking up women. You can also find skits and podcast episodes on his channel.

According to his bio, Benedict has been chasing his comedy career since the seventh grade. “After making his family (who doesn’t think anything is funny) actually laugh, he knew he wanted to do this for the rest of his life,” his personal statement reads. His fans are also pretty psyched about his appearance on the current season of FBoy Island. One fan even tweeted, “Never seen F boy island but my guy @benedictpolizzi is on it? Yeah we definitely watching this.”

Benedict’s Instagram

His Instagram feed is about what you’d expect from a guy like Benedict. He showcases his comedy, playing up his ability to make people laugh. Much like his YouTube page, you’ll find clips from his podcast, skits, and the odd excerpt from his longer-form content. Being from Indiana, he also seems to have a lot to say about the dating scene in the Hoosier State, which he talks about in his pinned video titled “Indiana Girls.”

But his feed isn’t just his comedy work; he’s also reposted a promo for FBoy Island, which features a mock magazine cover referring to Benedict as a “practical joker.” Another FBoy Island-related post states he’s a big fan of “eating rotisserie chicken in his car and biting his nails.”

Is Benedict A Nice Guy or FBoy?

As revealed in Episode 6, Benedict is a nice guy. It was a massive relief to everyone hoping for Louise Barnard to pick a nice man. Louise had narrowed her top two men to Benedict and notable fboy Mercedes Knox. Thankfully, when the men were made to reveal their true selves, Benedict used this opportunity to out himself as a nice guy, which relieved Louise so much that she leaped to her feet to hug him. Things are liable to change on the island, but six episodes in, it looks like nice (funny) guys might be able to finish first.