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Mercedes From FBoy Island Is Determined To Win In Season 2

“No one has ever played this game the way that I have.”

Mercedes is here to win on 'FBoy Island' Season 2.

On FBoy Island, the leads have much to lose if they fall for a designated “FBoy.” Netflix’s chaotic reality dating show pits so-called “Nice Guys” looking for love against “FBoys” just in it for the $100,000 prize. If the women manage to pick one of the good guys, the couple splits the money. But if the final winner ends up being a designated “FBoy,” he can walk away with the entire pot — and leave the woman who chose him heartbroken.

It’s a pretty devious set-up, and in Season 2, FBoy contestant Mercedes Knox hopes he’s crowned the king. “I’m playing this game at the highest level it’s ever been played,” proclaimed the 25-year-old who hails from Dallas, Texas. “No one has ever played his game the way that I have, and probably no one ever will.”

To win, Mercedes immediately set his sights on Louise, who was swooning over him from the start, noting that he was “so cute and sweet” and “said all the right things.” He told her that she was “absolutely perfect” and pretended to be her confidant by telling her that Benedict gave off “FBoy vibes” and that Nikolai said she looked like “a dumb blonde.”


Louise said that she hoped he was a Nice Guy, but in his own confessional, Mercedes said he would never play as one because “they never win.” He revealed to the audience that his plan with Louise was to “make an impression, make her fall in love, and run away with the cash.”

His play style already has fans dubbing him “a fantastic villain” and a “top tier menace.” Another fan tweeted, "Mercedes out here playing chess and all the other Fboys playing checkers,” while others called Mercedes a “mastermind.” Here’s everything else to know about the clever contestant.

Mercedes’ Job

Mercedes works in human resources — a fact that fans have joked about. “Mercedes is in HR?? Oh that aligns,” one fan tweeted with the crying laughing emoji, with another noting that he “must be so good at protecting his company.” According to his LinkedIn, Mercedes has been a human resources specialist for the US Army for the last seven years.

Mercedes’ Instagram

Mercedes’ Instagram is pretty sparse, with only 26 photos. He has a few pictures of when he was in the army; he enlisted when he was 18. He’s also shared photos of his friends, his elaborate back tattoo, and an image of him as a kid.

What happens to Mercedes on FBoy Island?

Mercedes seems pretty confident that his plans will work, but it starts to look like things are falling apart in Episode 3. Kyland reveals to Louise that Mercedes brags to the men that she is “his already,” which upsets her. This also leads her to believe that he’s an FBoy after all, and she says she might choose Kyland because Mercedes hasn’t tried to get to know her on a deeper level.

She later ignored Mercedes at the party, leading to Mercedes confronting Kyland in a ridiculously goofy fight — literally. Mercedes kept accusing Kyland of being “goofy,” while Kyland kept chanting that Mercedes was an FBoy.

Mercedes tried to talk it through with Louise, but they seemed to come to an impasse. Mercedes wasn’t eliminated, but when Louise, Mia, and Tamaris made a Nice Guy versus FBoy poster board, Mercedes’ photo was right in the middle. So Mercedes might think he’s playing a clever game, but it looks the other contestants are a bit savvier than he thought.