Holiday Home Makeover Host Benjamin Bradley Has More Than 3,000 Festive Decorations

They don’t call him Mr. Christmas for nothing.

Benjamin Bradley in Holiday Home Makeover via the Netflix press site

He may be known as Mr. Christmas now, but Benjamin Bradley from Netflix's Holiday Home Makeover hasn't always been open about his love for the December holiday. The interior designer hosts the TV series where he transforms people's homes into winter wonderlands for Christmas, but he told the Evansville Courier & Press that his family and friends only found out about his passion in the last few years. That's probably thanks to the 2018 New York Times article about Bradley's expansive Christmas collection.

At the time, he had over 3,000 individual pieces of holiday decor, including more than 40 Santas. That number has likely grown in the past two years and will continue to do so as his Mr. Christmas alter ego is made known to the world via his new decorating series on Netflix. Here's what else Holiday Home Makeover viewers need to know about Mr. Christmas himself.

Benjamin Bradley's Job Outside Of Holiday Home Makeover

Surprise! He's not Mr. Christmas all year round. Once the holiday season passes, he focuses on his day job as an interior designer for his company, E & Co. Home. Bradley's been in the industry for two decades after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and he has amassed quite a portfolio. The photos of his work show a tendency to create warm, modern homes with nary a Christmas tree in sight.

Benjamin Bradley's Instagram

Bradley's personal Instagram page is not solely dedicated to Christmas. Instead, it mostly showcases his design work, interesting things he sees around New York City, and photos of his dog. Okay, his fur friend is sort of Christmas-themed considering her name is Ebenezer, as in Scrooge. And, yes, there are a few holiday photos, like the one of this epically decked out nine-foot tree.

If his personal account doesn't supply enough holiday feels for fans, they can check out Bradley's secondary Instagram for the Netflix show. That one is all Christmas all the time and features some fun behind-the-scenes pics from filming. Here's a quaint shot of his red wreath-bedecked truck dusted in snow. It doesn't get much more festive than that.

Holidays Benjamin Bradley Loves Besides Christmas

Though his show is all about Christmas, Bradley's Instagram makes it clear that he loves holidays in general and always finds a reason to celebrate — photos from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter celebrations with his family are peppered throughout his grid.

Anyone else sensing some potential for Netflix spinoffs in which Bradley decorates homes for other holidays, too?