7 Moments From This Week’s Bachelorette That Were Straight Out Of A Rom-Com

The kiss in the rain really kicked things up a notch.

ABC/Craig Sjodin


Michael A.’s Heartwarming Conversation With His Son

Everyone loves a rom-com with a rockstar single dad, and Michael A. is exactly that. On the July 19 episode, the 36-year-old business owner showed off his supreme parenting skills while chatting with his 4-year-old son James on the phone. “I’m gonna hold ya and read ya books and snuggle ya. You’re my best friend in the world!”

Katie and Greg’s Rainy Makeout Session

What’s something that The Notebook, A Cinderella Story, and The Bachelorette all have in common? Makeouts in the rain. This week, Katie gave Greg a taste of Seattle on their one-on-one date without actually visiting her hometown. The highlight: They shared a steamy kiss during a torrential downpour. Watch it here.



Michael A.’s Romantic Promise

Whenever words come out of Michael A.’s mouth, tears come out of America’s eyes. The man is easily the sweetest and most vulnerable contestant on Katie’s season. “It’s scary for me with opening my heart again,” he admitted. “It was scary coming here, it’s scary at the rate of which everything progresses. ... I can assure you that no one can love you like I can.”


Andrew’s Love Note

Andrew has been a fan-favorite all season, and it’s not hard to see why. This week, the football player tried to replicate his first date with Katie (a total rom-com move) by leading her into a room full of twinkly lights. He then lifted her off the ground so that she could reach a pink envelope that was hanging from the ceiling. “I’m falling for you,” the note read.


Mike P.’s Sweet Nothings

We can agree that Mike P.’s one-on-one date was extremely awkward. The pair participated in a cuddling exercise that was very hard to watch. However, it was clear that the former baseball player learned a thing or two from watching rom-coms. At one point, he started whispering sweet nothings into Katie’s ear: “You remind me of my mom.” He was sent home shortly after.


Blake’s Dramatic Confession

After explaining that he’s “so in” for Katie, 29-year-old wildlife manager Blake said, “I’m not in love right now.” Luckily, he quickly cleaned up his mess. “But the way that we’re going, it’s f*cking inevitable,” he continued. “I know it’s coming, but I won’t lie to you either.” Nice save, Blake. Nice save.

Andrew’s Grand Return

Viewers everywhere were heartbroken when Katie sent Andrew home, and even the Bachelorette knew she made a mistake. Soon enough, she received a knock at her door. “I think it would be a terrible shame if I were to leave this place and us not have a smile on our face,” Andrew explained. After their conversation, he left her a note. “If you change your mind ... I’ll be waiting,” it said. Katie then ran through the hotel halls to find Andrew, jumped into his arms, and offered him the chance to stay. Sadly, he rejected. Watch the moment here.