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Blake & Clare Already (Kind Of) Knew Each Other Before The Bachelorette

They exchanged some DMs.

Blake Moynes and Clare on The Bachelorette via the ABC press site
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Move over Blake Horstmann, there's another Blake stirring up trouble in Bachelor Nation. According to Entertainment Tonight, Clare's contestant Blake Moynes broke one of the show's cardinal rules: he contacted her before the season started, and she confronted him about it on night one.

As Blake explained in a sneak peek of the premiere, he DM'd Clare after seeing how upset she was on Instagram. "During the quarantine, Clare posted on Instagram on a Story that she was really struggling right now because of what her mom was going through in the hospital. So, I want to check in if she's OK," he said. Whether Clare appreciated the gesture or not, she felt it was necessary to address that they'd been in contact prior to filming.

"Over quarantine, it was really hard for me. You were the only guy who reached out to me the entire time," Clare said. "There are these weird rules that we have to follow for the show of not contacting somebody. So, you broke the rule."

Here's what else you need to know about Blake.

Who Is Blake Moynes From The Bachelorette?

Craig Sjodin/ABC

The 29-year-old Canadian said in his ABC bio that a lot of his friends have started settling down, and he's feeling the pressure to do the same. He wants to find someone "outdoorsy, beautiful and fun" who can put up with his "potty mouth." If he and Clare do fall for each other, he'd be the second Canadian man she's gotten engaged to. She was previously engaged to Benoit Beauséjour-Savard from Bachelorette Canada, who she met on Bachelor Winter Games.

Blake's Job

As a Wildlife Manager in Ontario, Blake has interacted with all kinds of cool animals like tigers, hyenas, birds of prey, and more.

Blake's Instagram

A lot of Blake's Instagram photos are, naturally, of him hanging out with animals. He also posts about raising awareness for endangered animals like rhinos, who are often threatened by poaching. "Lets stop living like we’re the only species on this [planet] or in time we will be," reads his Instagram bio.

At least Clare knows he'll love her dogs?