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Katie & Andrew S. Had The Most Devastating Breakup On The Bachelorette

The fan favorite went home in an episode filled with eliminations.

by Erica Campbell
'The Bachelorette' seasons 17 fan favorite Andrew Spencer was eliminated on episode 7 of the series.

The July 19th episode of The Bachelorette was full of eliminations. As Katie Thurston continues to whittle down her remaining men, she sent both Brendan Quinn and Mike Planeta home. This wasn’t surprising, given that neither man had formed much of a connection with Katie. But viewers were devastated to see fan favorite Andrew Spencer not get a rose, and Katie was just as heartbroken not to give him one.

“I’m so sorry. You are such an amazing man, and you give 100% to everything you’re passionate about and that’s what you deserve,” Katie told Andrew after the rose ceremony. “I could not look your mom and sister in the eye and tell them what they would want to hear,” she continued, acknowledging that if he stayed she’d be meeting his family the following week.

“They know what you deserve, I know what you deserve, and the hard part is that I am building stronger connections and you deserve more than I can give you,” she added. “It’s really hard saying goodbye because you are truly one of a kind. You deserve to find a great love.”

Afterward, Andrew responded simply: “It’s bittersweet but just know I will forever hold you dear to my heart.”

A tearful Andrew then got into his limo and reflected on his relationship with Katie. “She had stronger connections with everyone else and it hurts,” he said. However, in true Bachelorette fashion, that wasn’t the end.

Katie told cameras she wasn’t confident about her decision. And the next morning, Andrew showed up at her hotel room, explaining that he wanted to leave on a happy note. He meant it literally, because left her a note reading, “If you change your mind I’ll be waiting,” and Katie sprinted down the hallway after him.

After leaping into his arms, it seemed like there was a chance that the two would get back together. Katie asked if Andrew would want to stay longer, but he said no, because he wants his future wife to choose him back.

He and Katie shared one final kiss, and both got the closure they needed. As for viewers? They may need a little longer to recover.