The 11 Best Lines From Harry Styles' Calm Sleep Story

The Watermelon Sugar singer's bedtime story for the popular meditation app is here and it is basically fanfic come to life.

It’s very late at night and you can’t sleep. Familiar story? Well, the days of counting sheep (or staring mindlessly at your phone) are over. Harry Styles is the latest celebrity to narrate a bedtime story for popular meditation app Calm. While the Watermelon Sugar singer is already known for his dulcet tones, turns out Styles' voice is pretty darn soothing for narration, too. For 30 beautiful, oh-so-peaceful minutes, the singer voices the new Dream With Me story and, let’s face it, he had listeners entranced by the first “Hi, I’m Harry.” Following its release on July 8, Bustle has compiled 11 of the best quotes from Harry Styles sleep story, because honestly, the romantic lines in it are basically fanfic come to life.

Harry Styles follows in the footsteps of Matthew McConaughey, LeBron James, Laura Dern, Eva Green, and Lucy Liu, all of whom have sleep stories on the app. Now, considering the many, MANY, comments from users freaking out about Harry Style’s bedtime story, many wondered how he’d be able to soothe his extremely excited fans to sleep. As one person tweeted: “you best believe i’m sobbing my eyes out to his voice HOW IS HE SO PERFECT OHMYGOD.”

Yet, turns out, Styles makes a perfect narrator. In a word: smooth. Although, I’m sure Harry could have read 50 pages of the dictionary and fans would have listened. Thankfully, it was more romantic than that.

As a long term Calm ambassador, the 26-year-old has often preached the virtues of daily meditation. On the collaboration, he says: "It's changed my life. I'm so happy to be collaborating with Calm at a time when the world needs all the healing it can get."


“Sheltering beneath a porch we watch the rain pour down”


“Looking down we see each other, laughing, skimming stones”


“Somehow now, we're in a cabin, taking in this view, as a fire crackles in the corner, just for me and you”


"We dig our toes in cool wet sand, then sit and face the sea, and let the sand wash over us, alone just you and me"


“Flanked by fields of sunflowers, hand in hand we walk, as the gentle sound of nature, surrounds us while we talk”


“The thought of passing time inspires a feeling that grows stronger”


“Gravity caresses us and pulls you close to me, then the scene begins to fade on a new reality"


“The tenderness we feel when we are close, two minds as one, surrounds us and connects us, but we've only just begun”


“No matter what they're with us now, for this time and forever, every time we close our eyes, they're yours and mine to treasure”


“Inhale the morning air, as we explore just me and you”



“The shimmering reflection shows us smiling from above, the word we think but dare not speak is L O V E, love”

You can find Dream With Me with Harry Styles via the Calm App.