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A Definitive List Of The Best Love Island 2021 Memes

Because are you really watching Love Island if you’re not keeping one eye on the hashtag?

by Alice Broster
'Love Island' on ITV
'Love Island'/ITV

After a year in lockdown, Love Island 2021 hit differently. Despite a slow start, the drama from the villa soon had us hooked, with one of the most explosive Casa Amors in the show’s history, a few shock eliminations, and a truly beautiful friendship that we could all root for (Kaz and Liberty forever). But now it’s almost time to call it a day, with the final episode airing tonight. However, before this year’s winners are announced, we wanted to round up some of the most meme-able moments from this year’s Love Island. Because, let’s face it, are you really watching Love Island if you don’t have one eye on the hashtag at all times?

After two months, Liam and Millie, Kaz and Tyler, Chloe and Toby, and Faye and Teddy are all within reaching distance of the £50,000 cash prize. The last week has been pretty action-packed, with OG islanders Liberty and Jake leaving the villa as well as a visit from everyone’s families and the elaborate last dates.

However, while the villa may have provided a lot of entertainment, the memes have definitely elevated the viewing experience, with viewers from across the country coming together to have a giggle about Toby’s chaotic antics, Millie’s piano playing, and so much more.

Keeping scrolling for our favourite memes to come out of Love Island 2021.

Enough Already

“You’re Exactly My Type”

When The Bar Is Too Low To Contemplate

Spon Con

*That* Walk

Every Single Time


Georgia’s Exit

Lillie Leaving The Villa Like

OMG, Hey Guys!

Let Me Tell You, They Are Sore

Mozart Millie

Just You Wait

Not Now

The Nation’s Sweetheart