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Clayton’s Bachelor Season Officially Has A New Villain

“The producers trying to figure out how to make eating shrimp an evil personality trait.”

by Kadin Burnett
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Clayton Echard and Shanae Ankney on a group date during 'The Bachelor'
ABC/John Fleenor)

Out with one Bachelor villain, in with the next. After Clayton Echard officially sent Cassidy Timbrooks home, Shanae Ankney spent the remainder of the Jan. 24 episode solidifying her place as the new season villain. She’d already stirred up drama in the house, but set the women even further over the edge during a Baywatch-themed group date during which the cast had to create their own slow-motion run akin to the one popularized by the ‘90s show. Shanae’s run was no more ostentatious than anyone else’s, but when she capped it off by diving into Clayton’s arms and going in for a prolonged kiss, the other contestants were less than thrilled.

Throughout the episode, Shanae continued to put herself at odds with her fellow contestants. Whenever she had a moment alone with Clayton, she started talking about the other women in the house, attempting to paint the rest of them as being antagonistic toward her. This created a classic conundrum for her castmates, who wondered if they should use their time with Clayton to clarify what Shanae was saying or simply focus on getting to know him.

Elsewhere, Shanae willfully ate Elizabeth’s shrimp without her express permission. It wasn’t the worst thing anyone’s ever done on the show, but it was certainly one of the weirdest — and apparently an argument that will be revisited, according to next week’s promo!

Many people on Twitter were also put off by Shanae, who seemed to be very overtly playing the game.

It’s unclear how long it will take Clayton to send Shanae home (because come on, we know he will). But Bachelorette and Bachelor villains’ reign on the show seem to be getting shorter and shorter. In the meantime, one thing’s for sure: no shrimp is safe.

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