The 10 Best Moments From Parks & Rec's Trip To London

To celebrate its arrival on Netflix UK, we look back at one of Park & Rec's most memorable episodes.

by Bustle UK

Parks & Rec fans rejoice, because all seven seasons of NBC's much-loved municipal comedy is landing on Netflix UK today (Feb. 1). Yes, that means it'll be easier than ever to catch up on all the jokes, pranks, town council meetings, and trips to JJ's Diner. And in celebration of this wonderful news, we've decided to take a look back at a Parks & Rec episode that will be particularly memorable for any British fans of the show: the gang's trip to London.

Although Parks & Rec is all about Pawnee, the department do manage a few trips outside of America's fourth most obese city from time to time. Who can forget Leslie and Ben's thoroughly unsexy road trip to Indianapolis? Or what about the time they all spent in Washington (when Leslie got the chance to meet a particularly important political figure)? But the adventure that takes them the furthest outside Pawnee – and, in my opinion, the one with that yields the most hilarious moments – is at the beginning of season six when Leslie, Ben, April, Andy, and Ron fly to London to attend the a summit for the International Coalition of Women in Government.

Between Ron's disdain for anything remotely European and Leslie's obsession with British rom-coms, this episode really has some of the funniest clips in Parks & Rec history. Check out our top 10 highlights below.


Andy Gets Confused

When Leslie, Ben, April, Andy, and Ron touch down in London, their first trip is to Buckingham Palace. But Andy thinks they're in a much more magical location.


Leslie's Bus Tours

Leslie plans out the group's first day in London: a Notting Hill Bus Tour, a Love Actually Bus Tour, and a Bridget Jones's Diary Bus Tour. Ron and April don't seem too impressed but, honestly, it sounds like a dream itinerary to me.


Heidi Klum's Cameo

When Leslie meets Ulee Danssen (aka Heidi Klum), she says the one thing we're all thinking: "Wow, your face is so symmetrical."


Andy's Friendship With Lord Covington

Sweet, unexpected, and highly irritating for Ben, the friendship between Andy and Lord Covington is born out of a love for remote control helicopters and a total lack of understanding about anything and everything.


Ron's Altercation With A Shop Owner

Ron tries to buy a postcard with a one dollar bill or, as he calls it, "the most wonderful piece of paper in the world." When the shop owner refuses his money, Ron replies: "Fine. Enjoy the fact that your royal overlords are a frail old woman and a tiny baby."


S/O To Colin Firth

When Leslie is feeling under pressure about the recall vote back in Pawnee, she reaches for a surefire solution: "I'm stressed. Let's go walk past Colin Firth's house again."


"Bloody Hell Jerry!"

Can I get this as my ringtone, please?


Ron & Leslie Get Some Fresh Air

Ron takes Leslie away from things to relax, but can't resist taking a swing at his least favourite continent on earth. "I thought you needed some fresh air. Even if that air is filled with the foul stench of European socialism."


Andy & April Have A Cute Moment On The London Eye

In a very rare moment of sweetness, April encourages Andy to take a new job in London with Lord Covington and tells him she believes in him – all while overlooking a lovely view from the London Eye.


Ron Finally Comes Round

In one of the best final scenes in Parks & Rec history, Ron finally comes round to Europe when Leslie sends him to the Lagavulin factory.

"All my life, I have avoided Europe and its multitude of terribleness. But it turns out, much to my surprise, there is actually one place in Europe that is worth seeing. These tiny islands off the coast of Scotland where God's chosen elixirs are distilled, barrelled, and prepared for consumption."