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Interest in true crime-related content is at an all time high, and infamous stories of murder, kidnappings, disappearances, and more, have managed to capture the attention of millions worldwide in recent years with an uptake in highly addictive podcasts. But, which are the best true crime podcasts available on Spotify?

The lasting appeal of all things true crime is thought to be linked to society’s love of “being outraged” together. “We can gossip, speculate, and be afraid or excited together,” claims criminologist Oriana Binik, dissecting the success of the genre. Spotify’s 2019 acquisition of two podcasting-making giants, Gimlet and Ancho, proved the competitive field of true crime podcasts is showing no signs of slowing down.

Much to the delight of true crime followers, the acquisition resulted in a whole host of new crime-related content landing on the platform in the last couple of years, adding to Spotify's already impressive back catalogue (including what many would consider the apex of true crime podcasting, Serial). But, with so much to wade through, where do you start?

Below is a list of our favourite true crime podcasts on available on Spotify. Whether you like to deep dive into one story and find out everything there is to know or you prefer to learn about a new case each week, we've got you covered. Plus, if you're not into the gory stuff, and prefer to hear about crimes that don't involve murder and mysterious circumstances, we've catered to that taste too.

Sit back, turn the volume up, and enjoy.

'Conviction: American Panic'

The Satanic Panic was a period in the U.S. during the '80s and '90s where music, bad behaviour, and even crimes were attributed to satan. In this podcast, exclusive to Spotify, listeners hear the story of John Quinney who, at just ten years old, testified in court that his father was the murderous leader of a satanic cult. However, Conviction: American Panic looks not only at Quinney's case but at other stories involving people sent to prison during The Satanic Panic. – Aoife Hanna

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‘Bed Of Lies’

Hosted by Telegraph writer Cara McGoogan, Bed of Lies unravels one of the biggest state-kept secrets in British history. In this podcast, listeners hear from seven different women who unknowingly formed relationships with undercover policemen posing as leftwing activists in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Despite the operation being exposed in 2010, the ripple effects of years worth of deceit and dishonesty are still felt by the women involved today. — Rowena Henley

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'Catch & Kill'

Not your average true crime podcast, Catch & Kill is not about a murder or kidnapping but instead follows the story of Harvey Weinstein and how he was brought to justice. Investigative journalist and all-round good egg Ronan Farrow tells the story of what happened when he decided to look into allegations made against Weinstein. Catch & Kill is inspired by Farrow's bestselling book of the same name. Each episode features an interview with a subject from the book plus real-time audio from the Weinstein investigation. – Aoife Hanna

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'Sword and Scale'

Given the origins of the genre, most true-crime podcasts are riddled with some pretty intense themes. However, Sword and Scale definitely takes the cake, and doesn’t shy away from even the most gut-wrenching cases. Murder, cannibalism, and much, much more are just some of the disturbing topics you can expect to stumble across while making your way through this creepy series — and the worst part (or best, depending on your tastes)? These stories are all real.

So, if you’re on the lookout to be scared witless, Sword and Scale is most likely the one for you. – Sam Ramsden

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'Generation Why'

Hosted by best mates Aaron and Justin, the Generation Why podcast was one of the original true-crime-centric podcasts to gain traction following its debut back in 2012. This gripping series takes an in-depth look into a whole host of unsolved, abandoned, and highly-suspicious criminal cases. Throughout each episode, listeners can look forward to some intense analysis and opinions from the show’s two main hosts, which usually involves a breakdown of various murder cases, conspiracy theories, controversies, unsolved mysteries, and much more. – Sam Ramsden

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'Tom Brown’s Body'

Award-winning journalist and writer Skip Hollandsworth delves into the story of popular high school student Tom Brown, who mysteriously disappeared the night before Thanksgiving back in 2016. Two years after vanishing from his tight-knit community, Tom’s body was suddenly found. In this gripping true crime podcast, listeners delve into the story of what really went down and discover why those closest to the case, including the town’s sheriff, went on to become key suspects. – Sam Ramsden

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'Mile Higher Podcast'

The Mile Higher Podcast is here to help you ascend to the higher realms of thinking and boy oh boy will it do just that. Husband and wife Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae host this show, which incorporates not only true crime and conspiracy theories but all kinds of deep, brain-expanding topics. If unexplained phenomena, lesser-covered/unusual news stories, metaphysics, futurism, and even ancient civilisations are your thing — this one's for you. – Aoife Hanna

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'UK True Crime'

UK True Crime is a podcast about, you guessed it, UK true crime. This one is extra spooky for those living in the UK because most true crime podcasts are based in the U.S. Covering lesser-known stories from old Blighty, host Adam also speaks to true crime authors, experts in the field, and speak about which true crime shows are actually worth watching. Weekly and with a back catalogue you'll get lost in for hours, this one's a must for true crime followers. – Aoife Hanna

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'My Favourite Murder'

One of the most popular true crime podcasts out there, My Favourite Murder is also my personal favourite. Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark cover terrible cases with the perfect balance of respect but also their own rambling comedy. They also openly discuss mental health, equality, and human rights in the most unapologetically righteous way. Fans of the show (known as murderinos) have no problem chewing your ear off about how wonderful it is. You have been warned. – Aoife Hanna

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'Last Podcast On The Left'

Last Podcast On The Left combines lighthearted comedy with very dark and horrific cases, cryptozoology, horror, myth, and legend. The long-established true crime podcast, which is now exclusive to Spotify, sees hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski join forces (occasionally with special guests) to give you detailed accounts of the more horrific things in this world. – Aoife Hanna

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