9 Podcasts That Dig Deep Into UK True Crime

For those seeking true crime stories that are closer to home.

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One of the first podcasts to truly take the world by storm was undoubtedly Serial, an investigative crime series looking into the death of a Baltimore teen. Since then, true crime podcasts have become increasingly popular, including podcasts that focus on UK crime.

Our interest in podcasts has blown up in recent years, with Ofcom stating that podcast listening has risen from 5.9 million in 2018 to 7.1 million in 2019.

The success of podcasts like Serial has led to an increased interest in the true crime genre. From Netflix documentaries like The Ted Bundy Tapes and Night Stalker to the BBC’s Life on Death Row, audiences are clearly gripped by real-life crimes.

If you want to find out more about the criminal justice system, analyse the motives of murderers, or just listen to some incredible storytelling, but don’t have the time for a TV marathon, then podcasts are the perfect option. Pop in your earphones during your commute or while cleaning the house, and off you go.

These nine podcasts focus on crimes that have taken place in the UK, from the mysterious death of a powerful media mogul to the accidental poisoning on a famous pianist. These shows are sure to have you totally engrossed, a little terrified, and completely astounded.

Time to start downloading.


Polonium & The Piano Player

From Sky News Polonium & The Piano Player, is a four part series investigating the circumstances around piano player Derek Conlon who accidentally drunk from the same cup used to poison Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. Litvinenko was a former Russian spy who was killed by two Russian spies after the contaminated his drink with polonium-210, “a rare radioactive isotope, tiny, invisible, undetectable,” per the Guardian.


Seeing Red

Now on its fifth series, Seeing Red explores stories of murders, heists, and scams with hosts Mark and Bethan at the helm. Tune in to hear about dozens of hoax letters and tape recordings of people claiming to be the Yorkshire Ripper and the case of Heather Bell who died after her horse was spooked by a low-flying military helicopter.


The Outlines

The Outlines focuses on unsolved murders and disappearances in the UK. Each season explores real-life cases that have taken place in a particular UK county. Previous series have looked at crimes in Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.


Power: The Maxwells

Hosted by investigative journalist Tara Palmeri, Power: The Maxwellscharts Ghislaine Maxwell’s family history, specifically her father Robert Maxwell. The media mogul mysteriously died in 1991 after reportedly falling off his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine.


The Doorstep Murder

The Doorstep Murder, is a six-part podcast that looks into the untimely death of Alistair Wilson, which is said to be "one of Scotland's most baffling unsolved cases." Presented by Fiona Walker, it follows the murder of the father of two, who was gunned down on his doorstep back in 2014 in the highland town of Nairn.


Catching Melanie’s Killer

From ITV News and hosted by Robert Murphy, Catching Melanie’s Killer follows the case of 17-year-old Melanie Road who was the victim of a “crazed knife attack” in 1984. It took three decades for her killer to be charged and imprisoned, and this podcast covers that journey through interviews with detectives on the case and members of Melanie’s family.se cases.


The Missing

Someone is reported missing in the UK every 90 seconds, and this podcast aims to shine a spotlight on the 1% of missing person cases that remain unsolved. With the help of charities Locate International and Missing People, The Missing also lets listeners join the investigation by chatting about theories and ideas on forums set up by the charities.

So far, the podcast has covered the cases of Charles Horvath-Allan, Katrice Lee, Bernadette Cooper, Andrew Gosden, Fatima Mohamed-Ali, and Suzy Lamplugh.


The Crime Pod

Hosts Samantha and Caitlin discuss cases across the UK in The Crime Pod, everything from unsolved mysteries to some of the countries most notable murder cases like The Moors Murders and the Worlds End Murders.


True Crime Investigators

Retired police officers and married couple John and Sally host True Crime Investigators, a podcast where they utilise their almost 30 years of experience in the field to discuss and analyse some of the UK’s most brutal crimes.

Their latest episode covers ‘Operation Julie’, a UK police investigation into two drug rings producing LSD in the 1970s. This drug bust would is still one of the “world’s biggest ever counter-drug operations,” according to BBC News.