Fans Think Beyoncé & Lady Gaga Are Finally Doing A “Telephone” Sequel

The Beyhive and Little Monsters are buzzing.

Beyoncé & Lady Gaga Are Doing A 'Telephone' Sequel, Fans Think
YouTube / Lady Gaga

Almost 15 years after they dropped “Telephone,Beyoncé and Lady Gaga may finally be working on a sequel — or at least according to some new fan theories.

Queen Bey broke the internet (again) on Feb. 11 by teasing new music in Verizon’s Super Bowl ad, then announcing her next album, “act ii” of her three-act project, and releasing the first two songs, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.” However, fans are thinking that her next collaboration with Gaga may also be on “act ii,” which comes out on March 29.

In 2010, the duo released the “Telephone” short film, which in itself was a sequel to Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video, where she is arrested for murdering her boyfriend. In the 10-minute video, Beyoncé bails Gaga out of jail, before going on another murder spree together.

It ends with the two joining hands as they leave the crime scene, with “to be continued...” shown onscreen. Fourteen years later, that promise of a sequel has not been fulfilled. Yet, thanks to some visual clues, the Beyhive and Little Monsters suspect that the long-awaited sequel may be happening soon.

Bey’s Yellow Taxi

Beyoncé's yellow taxi in the "act ii" teaser.YouTube / Beyoncé

The abandoned taxi that Beyoncé drives in the “act ii” teaser is reminiscent of the yellow pick-up truck that she drives in “Telephone.” Oddly enough, she uses both vehicles to traverse deserted country roads. Perhaps she’s on her way to pick up Gaga — again.

The Verizon Commercial

Beyoncé used Verizon’s Super Bowl commercial to tease the new album. The “Telephone” video also had a wireless company tie-in, showing Virgin Mobile phones multiple times. Was it just a coincidence or a careful reference on Bey’s part?

Gaga’s “Two” Sign

Lady Gaga’s “two” sign at Super Bowl LVIIIInstagram / Lady Gaga

Gaga and Bey both attended the 2024 Super Bowl. Although they didn’t take a picture together, Gaga did share a photo of her view of the stadium on Instagram, making a peace sign in front of the camera. Since Bey announced “act ii” that night, fans are speculating that Gaga’s sign was actually a two, and an Easter egg that she’ll be on the upcoming album.

Gaga’s Jersey Number

Gaga rolled up to the big game to support the San Francisco 49ers, donning a jersey with the number 16. Later that night, Bey released “16 Carriages” as one of the first singles from “act ii.” Perhaps Gaga chose her number wisely.

The Feb. 11 Date

Lady Gaga in the “Telephone” video.YouTube / Lady Gaga

Beyoncé revealed “act ii” on Feb. 11. While she announced it that day to take advantage of Super Bowl Sunday, it just so happens to be the same date that Gaga is booked in jail in the “Telephone” video.

“Texas Hold ‘Em”

Bey wrote “Texas Hold ‘Em” as a nod to her Southern roots and hometown of Houston. But fans think it could also reference Gaga’s 2008 hit “Poker Face,” which begins with her singing, “I wanna hold ‘em like they do in Texas please.”

These theories, along with Gaga potentially teasing new music this year, are only fueling fans' excitement for another collaboration between the two artists.