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The New Bridgerton Series Could Be Filmed On Land Connected To Royalty

The teams behind Bridgerton & The Crown are rumoured to be clashing over filming locations.

'Bridgerton' may be filmed in Ascot for season 2.

As if the drama on-screen isn't enough, it's been reported that the teams behind Bridgerton and The Crown — two of Netflix's most successful period dramas are currently at odds over film sets. Both series are due to resume filming later this year, but apparently there's not enough stately homes to go around. And it seems that the compromise they've come to involves the new Bridgerton series being filmed on a fake London set built in Ascot. I know, right? Lady Featherington would have a field day about this.

While the first series of the romantic Regency era drama was filmed in various locations across the UK, The Sun has reported that Bridgerton's U.S. production team, Shondaland, has applied for planning permission to build a massive new film set near Ascot. Sleuths at the tabloid appear to have discovered documents filed to the Sunninghill & Ascot local council in which the Bridgerton team ask to construct a replica Mayfair road on land "adjacent to the Drawrey, Windsor Great Park."

The Sun also claims that new set could be built on the Sunninghill Park Estate, Prince Andrew and Fergie’s former marital home (although the 12-bed mansion was demolished some years ago).


So does it mean we'll get to see The Duke and Daphne Bridgerton continuing their whirlwind romance around Ascot? Well, the documents that appear to be connected with this case show that an application to "change the use of land for construction of film a set for at least 5 years" was first filed in December 17, 2020. Five years is a significant chunk of time, prompting some to assume that the successful series could be around for the long haul.

However, it appears Sunninghill & Ascot council aren't too pleased about having the Bridgertons on their doorstep. In the documents, the parish council said it "strongly objects" to the proposed development.

"We are concerned that if permission is granted the site will be used as a filming facility for many years thereafter," they write. The council also expressed concern that the development could harm the areas green belt and spoil "the open vistas of open fields and trees."

I contacted the Sunninghill & Ascot council to confirm but they are yet to respond.