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Will & Alice Mondrich’s Sex Scene Was Cut From Bridgerton Season 3

Here’s what happened in the deleted scene.

'Bridgerton' Season 3: Will and Alice Mondrich's Sex Scene Was Cut

Now that the entirety of Bridgerton Season 3 has dropped on Netflix, fans are reflecting on the steamiest moments of the latest installment. from Colin and Penelope’s carriage ride and mirror scene to Benedict’s passionate evening with Lady Tilley Arnold and her companion, Paul.

But according to Martins Imhangbe (who plays Will Mondrich), there’s at least one intimate scene that didn’t make the final cut.

More To The Mondrich Family?

Imhangbe recently told Digital Spy that he and Emma Naomi (who plays Alice) were scripted to perform a passionate scene in their characters’ new abode. As you’ll remember, their son, Nicholas, inherited the Kent estate in Season 3, prompting the family to change their address and step into the ton.

“There was a whole scene written where Will and Alice do it everywhere,” Imhangbe said. “Then the kids interrupt. There was all this stuff that happened.”

The actor explained that this scene took place after Will and Alice have “put aside all the rules” and are ready to “enjoy the new house.” These clues seem to place the cut scene toward the end of Episode 2, when the couple decides to do away with the more stringent guidelines they’ve been given, like sleeping in separate bedrooms. “No more old Lady Kent clothes,” Alice says.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

“Away with Lady Kent’s clothes,” Will agrees with a laugh before he takes the suggestion to a more literal level. “Away... with clothes.”

The pair share a sweet, slow kiss before moving toward bed together. It’s a lovely, romantic scene that seemed like they were about to get fairly hot and heavy.

Imhangbe suggested to Digital Spy that such a scene might be “saved for another season.” At the very least, he hopes so.

“[Will and Alice have] been together for years, like 12 plus years, and there is a myth that married couples don't still have fiery sex like the new couples do,” he said. “So I think there’s something [in showing] that you can still have that passion, that fire 12 years on, 15, 20 years on.”

A Look Ahead

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Speaking of what may be in store for the Mondrich family in Bridgerton Season 4, Imhangbe recently told Shondaland that he hopes to focus more on the couple’s children as they navigate the ton.

“I hope we see how they adjust to this new life, even though they’re very young,” he said. “It must be a lot of pressure, still learning to be a different type of child. There’s that scene where Nicky is learning how to use cutlery and about dining etiquette. So, where does that lead to? Does he become rebellious? Does he slip into that role really well? Who knows?”