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Call The Midwife Fans Are Reeling Over *That* Cliffhanger Ending

“I’m still not over it.”

Call the Midwife BBC TV still

Viewers claim they are still “trying to process” the catastrophic scenes during the latest episode of Call the Midwife on BBC One. The dramatic cliffhanger saw an explosive train crash with Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) and Dr. Turner (Stephen McGann) left trapped and injured. The lives of the series’ favourites’ are left hanging in the balance. To recap, Sister Julienne and Dr Turner were on an evening train heading to London’s Liverpool Street station, having been away at a medical conference. All was going well, until the train driver fell ill and lost control of the vehicle, going through several red lights. Earlier in the episode, the driver had been suffering from headaches, but he dismissed his symptoms.

Call the Midwife fans were rendered shocked as they watched the train gain speed and plough into another passing service before it derailed. The windows of nearby homes were completely shattered, and residents quickly rushed to the aid of the severely injured victims. In true Call the Midwife fashion, Nonnatus House opened its doors to the wounded and displaced. Earlier in the episode, Dr. Turner had an argument with his son, Timothy (Max Macmillan). In the preview for the next episode, an anguished Timothy expresses regret over how he left things with his dad.

To many viewers dismay, Sister Julienne, was left lying motionless on the floor following the devastating crash. The formidable nun, played by Jenny Agutter, 65, has been front and centre on the show since it premiered in 2012. The celebrated actress previously hinted at “very serious” upcoming scenes. However, it seems no one had anticipated the train crash, as one person tweeted: “I’m still not over the massive key change that happened in last night’s Call the Midwife.”

They added: “There’s always been drama involved... and there have been fires etc. But last night was ramped up on turbo-charge!”

Amongst the wreckage Dr Turner, played by Stephen McGann, also appeared to have severe and potentially deadly injuries. The medic was last seen unconscious and trapped amongst the train’s rubble, with terrible injuries to his legs.

Viewers so far are fearing the worse, as one person tweeted, “Was having stress dreams about last night's Call the Midwife all night. I don't think I can cope if Sister Julienne or Dr Turner don't make it out of this.”