Cameron Diaz Just Recreated *That* Iconic There’s Something About Mary Scene

We’re here for the nostalgia.

by Rachel Mantock
Cameron Diaz in 'There's Something About Mary'
20th Century Studios

We all remember that iconic hair mishap moment from the 1998 comedy There’s Something About Mary. The title character, Mary, portrayed by Cameron Diaz, mistook a bodily fluid for hair gel, and used it to flatten (or attempt to, anyhow) her fringe. Much like the film’s loyal fans, Diaz is only too happy to revisit the scene. In fact, the 49-year-old recreated the laugh-out-loud look in a promo video for her organic wine brand, Avaline.

In the sequence uploaded to Instagram, social media comic Benny Drama (real name Benito Skinner) can be seen driving to Diaz’s house to hang out. Meanwhile, Diaz is at home, scrolling through pictures of herself as Mary and reminiscing about her experience in the film. Drama arrives at the house in drag, dressed as Mary in a red dress and that hairdo. Quick on the uptake, Diaz — with a swish of her hair — dons full Mary regalia, too. With their fringe’s standing to attention, the pair head to the garden for a can of, you guessed it, Avaline.

Diaz launched her wine company in 2020, but the idea was born two years prior, during a catch-up drink with her friend — and eventual Avaline co-founder — Katherine Power. In a blog post, Diaz recalled: “We kind of had that moment where we were like, ‘God we love wine. What’s in it? How can we drink more of it?’ We started asking questions about our wine… I had never done that before. I kind of just assumed that it was fermented grapes.”