Chloe Sims Earned Less From TOWIE Than You Might Think

The reality star has recently quit ITV for OnlyFans.

by Sophie McEvoy
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After being on The Only Way Is Essex for over a decade, Chloe Sims has announced she and her family are leaving the show for a more lucrative opportunity on OnlyFansTV. Set to be broadcast in 2023, the Sims family reportedly signed a £1 million deal to create their own reality series, currently under the working title The House of Sims. Having been on The Only Way Is Essex for so long and now moving on to front her own reality series, Sims has earned a substantial amount of dosh over the last decade. But what is Chloe Sims’ net worth?

Chloe Sims’ Net Worth

As of 2022, Sims is worth an estimated £1 million. According to The Sun, the bulk of Sims’ earnings initially came from her beauty salon alongside her salary from The Only Way Is Essex. While her cousin Joey Essex reportedly earns a whopping £8.1 million, Sims has only just left the TOWIE lifestyle to embark on her own reality journey.

Her net worth is set to substantially increase following the £1 million deal she and her family just signed with OnlyFansTV. According to Sims, the show is going to be “huge” and will demonstrate how her family has “so much more to offer for [their] viewers.”

How Chloe Sims Makes Her Millions

1. Reality TV

Sims is best known for being a TOWIE regular, but you might be surprised to hear that stars of the show haven’t always earned the big bucks for their appearances. According to The Sun, at one point, cast members were being paid £100 per day’s filming. However, the publication reports that the show has since put in place a pay scale where bigger names, including Sims, are said to be receive up to £450 an episode, others get £350, £250, or £90 depending on their status. Sims has also starred on a few other reality shows besides TOWIE, including the special anniversary edition of Take Me Out in 2018. She also appeared on Celebs Go Dating twice, a show which is reported to have paid contestants up to £200,000 per series, according to The Sun.

Being paid by the show itself isn’t the only way a reality star can earn some cash. Appearances on the show raise their profile, allowing them to explore other ventures. During her time on TOWIE, Sims published a memoir in 2012 aptly titled The Only Way Is Up.

2. Beauty & Fashion Businesses

In 2012, Sims launched an online boutique called Starship, and has since partnered with other brands including Lasula Boutique and Style Cheat.

Sims isn’t just a fashion fan, she’s also into beauty. Not only is she trained as a makeup artist, Sims also ran a beauty bar on Brentwood High Street with her friend Chloe Hearn for five years of her TOWIE stint. While it’s not clear how much the salon earned Sims, it did make regular appearances in the reality series, often providing the backdrop for catch-ups and confrontations, as Essex Live reports.

3. Advertising Deals

Brand partnerships can be a seriously lucrative business for reality stars, with Mail Online reporting that some high-profile stars can earn in the region of £26,000 per sponsored Instagram post. Sims is no stranger to spon con. Her interest in beauty, fashion and lifestyle has seen her post paid partnerships with a number of brands on her Instagram, including names like JD Women, Oral B, Ego, Revamp Hair, and Booby Tape.

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