Watch Christina Aguilera Revive Her "Dirrty" Era In The Best Way

Somebody ring the alarm! Xtina is back.

Christina Aguilera marks 2002 in her "Dirrty" throwback look

Amid a sea of celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Christina Aguilera’s album Stripped, the singer has pulled the ultimate power move; dressing up as herself. Accompanied by a dance-tinged remix of her 2002 hit “Dirrty,” the 41-year-old showed off a highly recognisable throwback look in an Instagram video. Her black-and-blonde locks, accompanied by a leather-heavy outfit, were the ideal nod to her memorable look from the song’s original music video. Alongside footage of a present-day Aguilera strutting around her house, the video also revisited an iconic piece of footage from her original ‘00s tour. In the throwback clip, Aguilera can be seen telling a back-up dancer: “Just because my album's name is Stripped, doesn't mean that you can take my clothes off.”

Stripped celebrated its two-decade milestone on Oct 22, and Aguilera has been reflecting on the personal impact of making and releasing the influential pop record. “Stripped gave me the strength and freedom as an artist to tell my story the way I wanted,” she wrote on Twitter. “Thank you to all of my fighters around the world for amplifying that strength and giving me the space to continue to share myself in my truest forms.”

Elsewhere, the singer stunned fans everywhere when she dropped a brand new 2022 edition of her “Beautiful” music video, exploring the negative influences of social media. Reflecting on her Stripped era’s many fashion looks, Aguilera previously told Vogue: “I wanted this album to embrace every different part of being a woman. There’s such a rulebook that’s handed to us [as women in music], and I was given it since I was a little girl. The older I got, the more I realised you have to stand up against it and create your own story. I wanted to go against the grain of what a pop star should look and sound like.”

The leather chaps from her “Dirrty” video, meanwhile, came about just as Aguilera was becoming more confident in her aesthetic. “I was starting to be out of my shell a little bit… That was me coming into expressing who I was,” she shared.