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6 Celebs Who Have Been Cast As Cinderella In Live-Action Remakes

From Brandy to Anne Hathaway, many of your favorite stars have taken on the iconic role.

As a new Cinderella played by Camila Cabello descends in a glass slipper, we take a look at the many...
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Since its first release as a Disney animation in 1950, many have taken on the role of the ball-going, shoe-dropping Cinderella. With a new remake starring Camila Cabello hitting Amazon this month, let’s look back on the actors who played the princess.

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On Sept. 3, “Havana” singer Cabello joins the ranks of cinder-sweeping belles in the 2021 musical comedy Cinderella. This time, the princess-to-be starts as an aspiring fashion designer who wants love and a career — a modern-day feminist conundrum.