Alyssa Lapid

Alyssa Lapid is a Staff Writer at Bustle, where she covers a variety of topics under fashion — including the best crochet bikinis to shop, deep dives into the most in-demand of bags, profiles of costume designers, red carpet moments, and sometimes, even Carrie Bradshaw’s best looks. Prior to working with the fashion team, she was an entertainment writer at Bustle, covering celebrity news and buzzy releases and conducting artist interviews.

She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and her work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Self, iD, Cultured, and Repeller, among others. She previously worked for Brides and was part of the pioneering team that launched Vogue Philippines.

She grew up in the Philippines and can tell you all the best Filipino dishes to try and local spots to include in your travel plans. When she’s not listening to BTS or rewatching Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter, she’s hanging out with her Shih Tzus and masking.

You can find Alyssa on Twitter and Instagram @alyssalapid.