13 Shows To Stream On BritBox, Including A Classic Mockumentary

There are some absolute ‘00s and ‘90s corkers in here.

by Aoife Hanna and Sam Ramsden
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Streaming service Britbox aims to bring together the best British-made TV, from all the major broadcasters, completely ad free. With some classic comedies and brilliant primetime dramas, the shows on Britbox might just make you want to sign up to just one more streaming platform.

With some of Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, and BBC’s biggest hits all on one platform, Britbox should give you access to shows that you won’t find on catch up.

The service costs a very competitive £5.99 a month and has a 7-day free trial available for those keen on giving it a go.

Reemah Sakaan, ITV's group director for streaming, previously spoke to the BBC about Britbox, explaining why the platform stands out from the crowd: "It's got the widest range of UK box sets of any service. Ostensibly the other streamers are US-focused so they make dramas for the US market, whereas BritBox is the faces, people and places that you know."

In addition to some of the nation’s favourite shows from years gone by, Britbox also boasts a whole host of original content.


The Office

The original mockumentary-style show that became an international sensation.

Whether it's will they/won't they romances, David Brent doing an awkward dance, or colleagues driving each other round the bend, this show is where it's at. The Office was revolutionary not only because was it totally hilarious, but also all too believable.


Agatha Christie's Poirot

Oh who doesn't love a moustachioed David Suchet mooching about with his cane solving mysteries? Suchet embodied the character of Poirot so much that IMO there's no other person for the role.

Gorgeous costumes, locations, high drama, and a lick of LOLs — perfect for a marathon streaming sesh on Sunday.

Watch Agatha Christie’s Poirot on Britbox


One Foot In The Grave

Victor Meldrew became perhaps one of the most perfect representations of the "grumpy old git" that's ever been on our screens.

One Foot In The Grave has aged well and still brings serious LOLs. You'll be screaming "I don't believe it!" in no time.

Watch One Foot in the Grave on Britbox


Downton Abbey

The upstairs and downstairs lives of the Crawley family and their domestic servants are at the centre of this smash hit ITV period drama. Penned by Julian Fellowes, the series is set within a fictional Yorkshire country estate and takes place between the years 1912 and 1926. The success of the show’s original run went on to spawn not one, but two feature films – the second of which is scheduled for release in 2022.

Watch Downton Abbey on Britbox


Lost In Austen

In Lost In Austen, a regular gal who loves Jane Austen's books finds a strange door in her flat that opens up into the world of Pride & Prejudice. Right. Not weird at all. Despite the out-there premise, you will be totally in love with how a modern gaze reinterprets the ridiculous but charming storylines of Austen's books.

Watch Lost In Austen on Britbox


Absolutely Fabulous

The iconic comedy that will never not be hilarious. Everyone has a character they can identify with. And the clothes are to die for. Watch again and again and scream iconic lines like "but darling, is it art?" and "LA CROIX!" every five minutes.

Watch Absolutely Fabulous on Britbox



Vera is a kick-ass detective and, let's face it, one of the OG girl bosses. This show is a thriller, drama, murder mystery all rolled into one, and if you haven't tuned in already, you've been missing out. Vera also showcases the rugged beauty of the north of England in a way that'll have you booking train tickets in no time.

Watch Vera on Britbox


Cold Feet

Cold Feet revolutionised the dramedy genre like no other. The show told the story of a bunch of thirty somethings heading into adulthood. Their relationships, friendships, becoming parents, and even being widowed.

One of those shows that makes you laugh and cry in equal measure.

Watch Cold Feet on Britbox



Starring David Tennant and Academy Award-winner Olivia Colman, this tense ITV whodunnit revolves around the shocking murder of a local boy in the fictional coastal town of Broadchurch. The drama enjoyed critical acclaim upon its debut, picking up multiple BAFTA awards including Best Actress for Olivia Colman, and went on to spawn two more series.

Watch Broadchurch on Britbox



Another show starring the brilliant Olivia Coleman, Rev tells the story of a country Reverend living in East London, having been transplanted from an altogether more idyllic life in the British countryside. Coleman plays his wife and between them and their parishioners, this show is pretty darn funny.

Watch Rev on Britbox


Cruising With Jane MacDonald

OK so I don't know exactly what's so addictive about watching TV host and former cruise ship singer Jane McDonald going about on cruises. But honestly, once you pop, you just can't stop.

Watch Cruising With Jane MacDonald on Britbox


Jonathan Creek

Who ever would have thought that a guy who designs magic tricks and illusions that lives in a windmill and solves murders in his free time would have been entertaining?

Erm, everyone.

Watch Jonathan Creek on Britbox


Smack the Pony

This groundbreaking female-led comedy stars Sally Philips, Fiona Allen, and Doon Mackichan, each of whom pull off some hilarious and timeless off-the-wall sketches centred on themes including relationships, the workplace, and beyond. As well as enjoying success at home, the Channel 4 comedy also gained traction overseas, picking up an International Emmy award in 2000.

Watch Smack the Pony on Britbox

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