This Is How Much All The Major Streaming Services In The UK Cost

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Following the announcement of Apple TV+, UK audiences have a whole new streaming platform to look forward to, and our access to the very best film and TV content just got a whole lot greater. However, knowing which service to invest your hard-earned cash into can be difficult, and for many, getting the very best deal is paramount. So, to give you an informed decision on which platform is the one for you, here are all the subscription streaming services in the UK, and how they compare in price.

As the entertainment industry continues to embrace the streaming phenomenon, more and more platforms are being launched, all of which claim to offer the very best of film and television for a reasonable price. Streaming powerhouses such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video dominate the online entertainment landscape, however, there are many other fantastic options out there — and with the arrival major streaming services including Disney+ and BritBox, the industry's biggest players have some tough competition on their hands. So, if you're looking to find out more about all of the subscription streaming offerings in UK, you've come to the right place.


Apple TV+


Discussion surrounding Apple TV+ has been circulating for quite a while now, and the tech giant have finally released details of their updated streaming platform. Apple's newest service is expected to arrive in the UK on November 1, and a subscription will set you back £4.99 per month — a notably lower price than many of Apple TV's closest rivals.


Netflix UK

For many, Netflix is the go-to streaming service in the UK, and with their massive range of film and TV offerings, its not difficult to understand why thats the case. Netflix UK subscribers can sign up to one of three price plans, which include the Basic plan for £5.99 a month, the Standard plan for £8.99 a month, and the Premium plan — the price of which currently stands at £11.99 per month.


Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime customers in the UK will be more than familiar with the tech giant's streaming service, known as Amazon Prime Video. However, you don't have to be an Amazon customer to enjoy this fantastic platform, and the price of a monthly subscription in the UK is currently £7.99 per month. Amazon Prime Video boats a desirable range of content and add-ons, and new customers can expect to enjoy a 30-day free trial.


Now TV

The streaming platform Now TV offers users five individual 'passes' — which include Entertainment, Movies, Sport, Hayu (Reality TV), and Kids. Each pass requires a separate monthly subscription, and subscribers can expect to pay £7.99 for an Entertainment pass, £11.99 per month for the Sky Cinema Pass, £33.99 a month for the Sky Sports Pass, and just £3.99 per moth for the NOW TV Kids Pass and the Hayu Month Pass.


Disney Life


The magic of Disney is truly at the fingertips of Disney Life subscribers. The streaming platform includes an incredible range of Disney's finest film and television releases, and after a 7-day free trial, a monthly subscription will set you back £4.99 per month. Disney fans can also look forward to the entertainment giant's upcoming service Disney+, which is expected to arrive in the UK later this year.



The announcement of the Brit-centric streaming service BritBox came as welcome news to fans of UK entertainment. The platform saw the BBC and ITV unite to offer subscribers access to a range of classic shows including Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, and much more. BritBox will finally arrive later in 2019, and you can expect to pay £5.99 for a monthly subscription.




The streaming service MUBI aims to make your movie browsing a whole lot easier, and offers users an ever-changing range of cinematic masterpieces. You can sign up to the platform's free 7-day trial, and after that, a monthly MUBI subscription will set you back £9.99 a month.



The streaming service CONtv is described as the ultimate digital destination for all Comic Con fans, and users can expect to enjoy a huge range of classic films, TV shows, and of course, comics. CONtv subscribers can sign up to a premium plan via the platform's official app, and it will set you back £7.99 a month.

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