All The Clues You Missed About Chastity/Lisa’s Killer On The Woman In The House

The signs were there all along.

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Spoilers ahead for The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1.

Of all the possible suspects for Lisa/Chastity’s murder on The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, nine-year-old Emma (Samsara Yett) was the last on the list. Even Kristen Bell, who stars as Anna, predicted that there was “no way that anyone” would figure out that Emma killed Lisa before the end of the season.

Even so, there were several clues sprinkled throughout the episodes. Once Anna came to the shocking realization that Emma had framed her in the Season 1 finale, the nine-year-old explained that she only returned to Anna’s house with more chocolate bars to steal a potential murder weapon. “I remembered you keep your checkbook upstairs, which gave me the perfect opportunity to steal your palette knife and frame you for murder,” Emma said.

Anna’s earlier conversations with Emma about art also may have been an Easter egg. Though Emma said she killed Lisa because she wouldn’t buy any of her chocolate bars, her throwing away the markers Anna gifted her certainly couldn’t have helped. At the very least, it could have sparked the idea for Emma to frame Anna, given that she knew Anna was crushing on her dad Neil (Tom Riley) and that there was tension between the women.


Furthermore, while Anna thought the link between the multiple deaths in the father-daughter’s wake was Neil, Emma was also present when her mother drowned and when her teacher fatally fell from a lighthouse — both murders she confessed to Anna that she committed. “Can you believe she decided to have another baby without even asking if I wanted a sibling?” Emma explained of her “monster” mother, recounting how she sawed into a dock post and lured her mom, who couldn’t swim, to her death right before it collapsed.

In fact, it was Emma who planted the seed in Anna’s head that Neil could be capable of murder to begin with. The youngster even “tried to warn” Anna to back off from investigating Lisa/Chastity’s death, writing, “Stop or you’re next” in the dust of her car’s back window. “People always underestimate children, underestimate what they’re capable of,” Emma told Anna before attacking her. “I even surprise myself. I mean, I didn’t know I was capable of murder.”

Clearly, neither did anyone else.

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