Dan Levy’s Failed Quarantine Routine Proves He's Literally David Rose

Cooking, exercising, and puzzling weren't exactly successful.

by Jessica Wang
Dan Levy
Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

How would David Rose fare in quarantine? Probably the same as his IRL counterpart. Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy opened up about life in lockdown for People's Sexiest Man Alive issue on Tuesday, Nov. 17 — and it's difficult not to notice the David Rose parallels. The actor took part in a photoshoot that leaned into life at home (i.e. taking out the trash in a luxe robe). What's more, he provided insight on some of the more unsuccessful ways he's tried to keep busy over the last eight months.

"I was trying different pasta sauces, I was making breads, I was baking cookies," Levy said. "I did the Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies [from a] recipe online, and they weren't quite as good. I did a banana bread recipe that a friend swore by, and it wasn't quite as good; and then, I did a sourdough bread that turned out like a really heavy, dense brick." Once he realized that cooking simply wasn't for him (much like David and Moira's disastrous attempt at making enchiladas and folding in the cheese), Levy pivoted to another quarantine trend: exercise.

"I went down the path with the Peloton bike," he said before admitting that the exercising worked out about as well as cooking. "I have since left my house, so that bike is just sitting there empty; and I have not done an ounce of physical activity since." And don't even get him started on puzzles. "I am too short-tempered for a puzzle," he said. "Why would I do a puzzle when I could put on a television show or read a book or watch a movie?"

In true David Rose fashion, Levy has instead found success in perfecting his Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe, streaming Bravo reality shows, and spending time with his rescue dog, a Corgi-Dachshund named Redmond. "For six years, I've been an absentee parent for six months at a time, because I was shooting the show," Levy said, referring to his busy schedule while filming Schitt's Creek. Now, he able to be much more present in Redmond's life. "I've built back his trust," the actor added.

In addition to growing closer to his dog this year, Levy had a lot of success with Schitt's Creek, which wrapped its sixth and final season in April. The Canadian sitcom swept the 2020 Emmys in September, picking up awards in all key comedy categories like Outstanding Comedy Series, Lead Actor, and Lead Actress. It also picked up nominations at the Critics' Choice Television Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the People's Choice Awards.