Meet The Cast Of Netflix's Dating Around Brazil

It's musicians, photographers, and models galore.

No one ever said love was easy, but Dating Around aims to make it at least more convenient. Netflix's low stakes, real world dating show sends singles on five first dates, and encourages (but not requires) them to land a single second date. First filmed in New York and New Orleans, the show is now headed to São Paulo, Brazil. According to the Dating Around Brazil cast Instagrams, there will be six lead daters featured on the new season.

Unlike the American version, Dating Around Brazil was filmed by Endemol Shine Brasil, which also produced the Brazilian versions of Big Brother and Master Chef. The format of Dating Around Brazil remains the same as its American counterpart: people of varying genders, ages, and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply for the chance to find love. Each lead dater then has their meet-cutes with their dates at different trendy locales around the city. Sometimes they'll click with someone in particular and sometimes they won't, but first date jitters and awkwardness are almost always a given.

The new lead daters are as artsy and accomplished as ever, so if you want to check out who headlines each episode, here's where you can follow each of them on Instagram.


According to Dating Around Brazil cast member Elena's Instagram, Elena appears to be an influencer or model. It's clear she enjoys being out on the beach and attending music festivals, and is maybe interested in learning how to be a DJ (or at least, she's interested in posing in front of a turntable).


According to Dieter's Instagram, he's an art director and tattoo artist, and his large Medusa head tattoo can actually be seen peeking out of his top during his Dating Around Brazil episode. Dieter is also an impressive watercolor artist, and like Elena, spends his downtime cooling off at the beach or by the pool.


Raissa is both an LGBT+ activist and model according to her Instagram (in her bio she describes herself as an "artist in composition"). Though she sports a brown bob in her Dating Around Brazil episode, Raissa's Instagram shows that she's usually adventurous with her hairstyles, going from a side shave to dyed turquoise.


Jota describes himself as a singer and songwriter on his Instagram page. He routinely posts videos of himself singing at home with his guitar, as well as pictures from his old gigs and with family and friends.


According to Joelma's Instagram, she's a talented photographer. Her Instagram showcases her work, and she seems to do a variety of more business-related headshots and creative photoshoots. Recently she's done dancing shots of a ballerina and food photography.


On his Instagram, Paulo describes himself primarily as a musician and a chef in his spare time. His Instagram is pretty balanced between showing off his pasta dishes and his music studio.

But regardless of how these daters present themselves online, you'll have to watch Dating Around Brazil to see what they're really like on a date.