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Twitter Is Spiraling Over Logan’s Death On Succession

Did that really just happen?

Jeremy Strong and Sarah Snook on 'Succession' Season 4. Photo via HBO
Macall B. Polay/HBO

Spoilers ahead for Succession Season 4, Episode 3. After years of wondering which of the Roy children would take over their dad’s media empire (and when that might happen), Logan died on Succession during the show’s April 9 episode. The Roy family patriarch was en route to Sweden when he suffered a medical emergency in the airplane bathroom. Tom was with him at the time, communicating the news to the family below — leaving the kids at Connor and Willa’s wedding to deal with the confusion and, ultimately, heartbreak.

Predictably, each of the Roy siblings reacted in a different way to the news. As Logan’s No. 1 Boy, Kendall was conflicted: “I can’t forgive you,” he said on the phone. “But it’s OK. And I love you.” Roman held on to hope that Logan wasn’t officially dead and worried about whether or not he said “I love you” in a final voicemail to his dad. Shiv asked Logan not to go. Connor was last to find out, but ultimately decided — in the episode’s rare (and maybe only?) happy moment, to go through with his wedding to Willa.

As for the man himself? Brian Cox talked to The New York Times about Logan’s death — and it has the actor’s full support. “The audience [for Succession] might be furious; they might miss Logan and say, ‘Oh, what are you doing killing off one of the most interesting characters?’ But it’s fine by me,” Cox told the outlet. “I’m doing a lot of other stuff. I’m going back to the theater. I’m going to hopefully direct my first movie in my grand old age.”


The actor said “Logan was coming to a rest point anyway,” and looked ahead toward the future of Succession’s final season. “It does change the stakes,” he said. “The main protagonist is gone. And the kids are having to deal with it, or not. I think it’s going to be hard next week for a lot of the audience because they’re going to miss Logan. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing — I think that’s actually quite a good thing.”

In the meantime, Twitter reacted to the shocking turn of events.

A Chaotic Twist

News of Logan’s health hit super early in the episode — leading fans to spend the better part of an hour wondering, what’s happening?

Fans Don’t Pay Their Respects

Logan’s character has never had many fans, of course, and that didn’t change during his death episode.

A Sad Day For The Succession Family

Regardless of your feelings about Logan, though, it was hard to watch everything unfold.

Emmys For Everyone

The heartbreaking episode brought out an award-worthy performance from, well, just about everyone on the cast.

Several fans heralded the episode as one of the best in the series — and in television, as a whole.

How Logan’s death affects the Roy family — and his media empire — remains to be seen.