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Meet The Dark Horse Of Drag Race Season 13

Olivia Lux may be new to drag, but that won't stop her from taking home the crown.

Olivia Lux 'Drag Race' Season 13 via VH1 Press Site

"Everybody loves a dark horse, honey," Tina Burner joked while painting her face in the Jan. 8 episode of Drag Race. "What'd you call me?" Olivia Lux timidly replied.

If the first Season 13 maxi-challenge didn't make it clear, Olivia is hiding loads of competitive talent under that coy smile, and she's proving very quickly that you don't have to be a seasoned legend to get ahead. "I think I am a big threat, but the other girls don't," she said in a confessional. "I'm not as well-known as the other girls, but I'm not letting that get in the way." She's too busy prepping her wig for the crown — which, despite being a drag newbie, she could actually win. Allow me to explain why.

She's A Musician

Though every Drag Race queen is a performer, Olivia has legitimate musical talent.She's a "diva on the keys," as her Instagram bio puts it, and though we haven't yet seen her put that to use on the show, there are plenty of Instagram clips that show it off. As we witnessed in her rendition of RuPaul's "Condragulations," she can also write music and sing.

She Can Do More Than Twirl

Olivia is also a skilled dancer, as exemplified by this incredible (masked!) routine. (Which she did in heels, naturally.)

Her Charm & Fashion Are Unmatched

The 26-year-old says she lights up every room she's in, and that's evident on-screen, too. Her sparkling smile is impossible to ignore, and her humble, sweet nature makes you want to clap even harder when she absolutely slays that lip-sync. Plus, her drag style is colorful, unique, and fun — who else can glue butterflies to their face and make them look that good?

She Only Auditioned For Drag Race Once

New York City legend Tina Burner auditioned more times than she could count before finally landing a spot on Drag Race. Olivia, who did drag for just a year prior to auditioning, only had to try out once. "I felt like it was such a huge accomplishment," she said in her "Meet the Queens' interview. She also called herself a "fetus of drag" compared to the other queens, but she clearly shouldn't be underestimated.