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Meet The Stars Of The "Most Exciting" Drag Race Season Yet

Including the show's first trans man contestant.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 13 Cast via VH1 Press Site

According to the cast of Drag Race Season 13, we're in for the show's best season yet. "When you ask someone, 'What is your favorite season of Drag Race?' They always go back to Season 6," Kandy Muse, the first queen to enter the Season 13 werkroom, told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. "Season 13 is right up there with Season 6. Not just because I was there and I experienced it, but seeing the magic happening, seeing the gag-worthy sh*t that was happening? It's the facelift that Drag Race needed."

Her castmate Gottmik agreed, telling the outlet, "You definitely have to be on your toes at all times. More than ever before," while Denali went as far as to say the premiere is "probably the most exciting first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race ever."

Indeed, the show kick offs with a bang. Instead of making their grand entrances and then having time to mingle, the queens are all immediately sent to lip-sync for their lives — and risk receiving the "pork chop" on Day 1. "To walk in and be like, 'All right, girls. Hi, we're here. Six lip syncs?' That's gaggy," Kandy told ET.

Below, get to know all of the queens who will be taking the stage come Jan. 1.

Kandy Muse

A self-proclaimed "Dominican doll" from New York City, Kandy hails from the now-defunct Haus of Aja, led by Drag Race Season 9 and All Stars 3 queen Aja. "If you took a sex doll and threw her in the Bronx, that's me," Kandy says in her entrance. According to her Season 13 sisters, she's the loudest one of the bunch.

Joey Jay

Joey is admittedly "the dumbest b*tch you'll ever meet," but she's OK with it. She's one of the few Season 13 queens who still has a day job (at a software company) and before Drag Race, she only did drag once a week.


As a professional figure skater, Denali calls herself Chicago's "ice queen." She grew up in Alaska, so her drag is very inspired by nature.

Lala Ri

Some might consider Lala Ri a "drag baby" because she's only been in the profession for three years, but she has some tricks up her sleeves that say otherwise. The Atlanta native also prides herself on being "everybody's favorite homegirl" and a kickass dancer.


Gottmik is the first trans man to compete on Drag Race, and he plans on also being the first to take home the crown. He originally moved to Los Angeles to attend fashion school but ultimately became a successful makeup artist, working with celebs like Heidi Klum, Adam Lambert, and basically the entire cast of Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" music video. Now, he's here to prove he's capable of more than beating a face.

Kahmora Hall

Chicago's own "Mackie doll," Kahmora is a self-proclaimed diva and "high maintenance woman" who warns that she's "a lot shadier" than most people think. She's been doing drag for eight years and plans to bring every ounce of her experience to the table.

Olivia Lux

Olivia isn't just a drag queen, she's a musician, henny! She often plays piano and sings at her gigs — so here's to hoping Drag Race provided some ivory keys for her time onstage this season. Her name is inspired by Olivia Pope from Scandal ("Fierce Black woman, leading lady!" she exclaimed in the "Meet the Queens" video.) and Lux is the Latin word for light, because shines bright like a diamond.


If you were a fan of Jan from Season 12 and watched her audition clips for America's Got Talent, you may recognize Rosé, who's one third of their singing group Stephanie's Child. Rosé is a professionally trained actor and performer who loves glamour and the color pink, but she ultimately considers herself a comedy queen.


Symone is the first queen from Arkansas to compete on Drag Race, though she now lives in Los Angeles. She calls herself the "Ebony Enchantress" and she's been doing drag since she was 18 with inspiration from powerful Black women like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, and Rihanna.

Tamisha Iman

The mother of Season 13, Tamisha isn't only on Drag Race to win, but to claim her 30-year legacy in the drag community. She has more experience than many of her sisters combined, and she overcame cancer to make it to the main stage. Clearly, she has a story to tell.

Tina Burner

Tina is well-known in the New York City drag scene and has auditioned for Drag Race more times than she can count. She's America's current reigning Miss Comedy Queen, so she's bound to make you laugh this season.

Utica Queen

Is anyone else getting Gigi Goode meets Yvie Oddly vibes? Utica is the queen of the unexpected, or as she likes to call herself, the "wacky inflatable waving arms tube queen." She designs all of her eclectic, visionary looks and constructs most of them too. She also considers herself the "Switzerland of drag" because she's not one to get involved in drama, but she will give a queen a hug when she needs one.

Elliott with 2 Ts

If there was a drag edition of Real Housewives, Elliott with 2 Ts would be the star: her persona is "housewife with a secret."