This Elite Season 3 Recap Will Refresh You On All The Las Encinas Drama

Who killed Polo? Can Ander and Omar just live happily ever after? Is covering up murder an extracurricular at Las Encinas?

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Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead for Seasons 1 through 3 of Elite. The murders, they just keep coming on Netflix’s Elite, the only teen crime drama set in a horny Spanish high school (at least so far). But before we find out who’s accidentally dead next — Season 4 premieres on June 18 — let’s remind ourselves of all the drama last year wrought among the exclusive halls of Las Encinas up to and including who killed Polo.

Polo is free

Thanks to Carla lying under oath, Polo remains at large after murdering Marina all the way back in Season 1. It’s actually Carla’s family that compels her silence; her father will lose his vineyard fortune if her ex is implicated in the crimes. This is the moment that launches the rest of the audacious season. If Polo was in prison where he should be, he wouldn’t have ended up on the business end of a broken champagne bottle after graduation.

Ander and Omar forever, please

Ander has leukemia, improbably discovered by his boyfriend Omar, who feels a lump while giving him a blow job. But rather than the tragic circumstances bringing the couple closer together, Ander pushes Omar away by pretending to fall in love with another cancer patient. Omar eventually finds solace elsewhere, but by the season’s end returns to Ander, whose cancer is now in remission. Both are returning to Las Encinas for Season 4.

Polo is... not so free

After Polo escapes the clutches of justice, Marina’s brother Guzmán goes vigilante, kidnapping and torturing Polo in the hopes of extracting a useful confession: the location of the trophy Polo used to kill Marina. Then, with the help of Samuel, Guzmán keeps up the pressure by harassing Polo using a series of fake Twitter accounts. At this point, Polo realizes there’s no room left for him at Las Encinas, and he starts making plans to matriculate elsewhere. But his application and mom’s money are no match for Cayetana, who creates yet another fake Twitter account to spread the (true) rumor that Polo killed Marina directly to the schools he’s applying to.

Carla finally gets the upper hand

As if asking her to lie about Marina’s murder isn’t enough, Carla’s father proceeds to pressure her into dating Yeray — an old friend turned tech millionaire — on the assumption he’ll invest in the failing family business in the name of love. After Yeray discovers the scheme, he agrees to save the company, but only if Teodoro stands down and puts Carla in charge.

Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

So, who killed Polo?

Eventually, Season 3 catches up with itself to reveal exactly how Polo died. Plenty of people have reasons for wanting him dead, but ultimately he dies when the disinherited Lucrecia avenges his moms’ decision to revoke her scholarship at graduation (if you’ll recall, Lu confronts them over using their money to bury the truth, so it’s ironic and entirely expected that they pull their financial support). At the graduation party, she and Polo get into it as she holds onto the neck of the broken champagne bottle and takes incremental steps in Polo’s direction until the pair accidentally find themselves against a wall with the jagged glass straight through Polo’s heart.

It’s all kinda chill in the end somehow?

At this point, murder should probably be a recognized extracurricular at Las Encinas. And so should covering up a murder. Everyone quickly decides that Lu’s life shouldn’t be over on account of the itsy-bitsy mistake of killing someone that so many people hated for various reasons. Quickly realizing the bottle is the only physical evidence tying Lu to the murder, they all give the neck a grab, polluting any possible fingerprint evidence. To deal with the eyewitness accounts, the gang settles on a web of cross accusations, somehow hoping that if everyone is a suspect, no one will go down for the crime. It works and Polo’s death is ruled a suicide.

That is, at least for now. On top of the soon to be released Season 4, there’s a Season 5 already in production and plenty of time for secrets to spill out.

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