Everything To Know About A Potential FAKES Season 2

Netflix has yet to renew the YA crime comedy.

FAKES on Netflix

Netflix’s FAKES may document the rise and fall of an empire, but the stakes may not be what you’re expecting. Instead of broadly conquering the globe, this empire in question has more to do with concerts and convenience stores. After premiering on Sept. 2, the comedy series follows two best friends, Rebecca (Jennifer Tong) and Zoe (Emilija Baranac), who end up creating one of the largest fake ID operations in North America. Their success lands them in a swanky penthouse, but it also puts them in the crosshairs of the feds. After a raid leads to betrayal, the duo of unreliable narrators is forced to pick up the pieces. But will all that drama be enough to get to Season 2?

As of yet, Netflix hasn’t renewed FAKES for a second season. Granted, the comedy recently debuted on the streaming service, so it needs some time to find its audience. Unlike some recent YA dark comedies, FAKES isn’t billed as a miniseries, so the creators will likely want to continue the show’s story for multiple seasons. The Vancouver-based series is also co-produced by CBC Gem, meaning that the Canadian studio will also play a role in deciding the future of the series. Until we know more, let’s break down what to know about a potential FAKES Season 2.

FAKES Season 2 Cast & Filming Location

It’s hard to imagine a Season 2 without the show’s two Vancouverite actresses leading the way. Should a second season move forward, expect Jennifer Tong as Rebecca and Emilija Baranac as Zoe to be at the forefront. As for the rest of the cast, Richard Harmon’s Tryst finds himself in a precarious position in the Season 1 finale. While Season 2 will likely reveal his fate, we don’t know how much of Tryst we’ll see again. However, we could see more of Guy (played by Oliver Rice) after he extends an offer to Rebecca and Zoe that they can’t refuse.


Tong and Baranac may also be excited about the potential of continuing to shoot a show that takes place in their hometown, as they discussed in an interview with Vancouver Is Awesome. “It’s incredibly refreshing to be able to show off Vancouver as Vancouver,” Tong said. “We were able to feature the seawall, Lions Gate bridge, and many other local places that hold a special place in my heart.”

Since Vancouver is often a stand-in city for many Hollywood productions, Baranac feels like FAKES is finally giving the city its due. “It's about time Vancouver gets the representation it deserves,” she said. “Jen and I felt really proud to be a part of something putting Vancouver in the spotlight.”

FAKES Season 2 Potential Premiere Date

Because FAKES has not yet been renewed, Season 2 has no official premiere date. But if a second season gets the green light soon and follows the same production pattern as Season 1, then fans can likely expect the show to return around late summer or fall 2023.

This post will be updated as more FAKES Season 2 details become available.