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Florence Moerenhout From Bachelor In Paradise: Instagram, Job, & What To Know

How do the beaches of Mexico compare to Australia?

Florence on Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

Bachelor In Paradise got hit with a massive twist in Week 4. The beachfront dating show decided to take a page from Love Island by imbuing the cast with some much-anticipated temptation. Just as couples were beginning to solidify, production decided to throw a wrench in the process by asking the entire female cast to leave the beach. No one knew why they were told to leave, nor to where they were headed. However, when an entirely new crop of women arrived on that beach, the twist became clear. While some of the new women seemed familiar, Florence Moerenhout stood out from the rest.

Who Is Florence Moerenhout?

The reason Florence seems so unfamiliar is that, unless you’ve watched The Bachelor Australia, you’ve probably never met her. Florence was a member of the show’s cast during Season 5 in 2017. Despite a strong showing, her connection with lead Matty Johnson ultimately fizzled, and she was eliminated during the final four. She resurfaced within the Australian franchise during the second season of Bachelor In Paradise Australia in 2019. Though she managed to stay on the season’s roster for all 13 episodes, she ultimately left the beach single.

According to her talent agency, MN2S, the 31-year-old hails from Amsterdam. Before finding fame, Florence earned her degree from HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, where she studied digital communications and multimedia. By 2016, she’d moved to Melbourne, adding a modeling career to her resume. Just one year later, she’d be cast on the Aussie iteration of The Bachelor.

In the wake of her appearance on the franchise, her career opportunities ballooned. Like many Bachelor alums, Florence embarked on influencing and began chronicling her taste in the realms of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Despite her growing reputation, Florence opted to earn a postgraduate degree in social media marketing from Australian Pacific College in 2020. Not content with her busy schedule, she also landed a gig as a radio presenter for 88.3 Southern FM in Melbourne.

What Is Florence Moerenhout’s Instagram?

Florence currently boasts 104,000 followers on Instagram, which may continue to grow following her appearance on Season 8 of Paradise. One of the first things you’ll notice on her feed is her three-legged dog, Maggie. Despite her travel obligations, Florence is a mainstay in her pup’s life, stating in a tribute that “mummy always comes back for you.”

Beyond the canine content, Florence’s style is often on full display. Her feed is brimming with bold bikinis, pastel pantsuits, and casual streetwear. Her impressive wardrobe probably comes in handy given how often she’s on the go. Though she’s based in Melbourne, her account shows off a lot of globetrotting to locations like Bali, Italy, and the Hollywood Hills.

What Does Florence Moerenhout Do In Paradise?

It’s hard to tell exactly how much drama Florence will get up to this season, given that we don’t know how long she’ll be a part of the cast. The twist, while consequential, is slightly confusing. No one, outside of production, knows if any of the new women will stick around as part of the main cast, or if they’ll only be kept around for temptation’s sake.