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The First Freaky Friday 2 Plot Details Have Been Revealed

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis will reunite in the long-awaited sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are on board for 'Freaky Friday 2.'
Ron Batzdorff/Disney

Just weeks after Lindsay Lohan confirmed that a Freaky Friday 2 was in the works, the first potential plot details of the sequel have been revealed.

Lohan and co-star Jamie Lee Curtis will reportedly revise their roles from the 2003 film as the mother-daughter duo Anna and Tess Coleman, respectively. Per Entertainment Weekly, the pair will switch bodies again, but not with each other. Instead, they’ll each switch places with a teenage girl: either Harper, Anna’s 14 year-old daughter; or Lily, the daughter of Anna’s husband-to-be, Eric.

The sequel’s director, Nisha Ganatra (Late Night), recently shared a casting call for Harper on Instagram, describing the character as a “tomboy with a sharp sense of humor” who’s “in a bit of a mood these days because her longtime single mom is set to marry British restaurateur Eric Davis.”

In an unofficial audition script obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Harper will “use her intelligence” to prevent her mother from marrying the London-based Eric.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. jamieleecurtis/Instagram

A Potential Subplot

In May 2023, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Freaky Friday 2 was officially in development.

Roughly four months later, in September, original Freaky Friday producer Andrew Gunn revealed that the follow-up will feature the fictional band Pink Slip, which Lohan’s character fronted alongside friends Maddie (Christina Vidal) and Peg (Haley Hudson).

“We got a draft of a script for the sequel right before the writers’ strike, and it was really good,” Gunn told Cosmopolitan at the time. “A writer came up with the most brilliant idea. It uses music and the band in a great way.”