Gordon Ramsay Weighed In On Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham’s “Nepo Baby” Debate

“He didn’t ask for that level of intrusion.”

by Sophie McEvoy
Gordon Ramsay defends Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham amid "nepo baby" debate
Getty Images/FOX/Charley Gallay/Stringer

The publication of the much discussed New York Magazine “Nepo Baby” cover story in December 2022 continues to have impact. Many celebrities have reacted to the article, with Hailey Bieber, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Hanks leading the way. Now, TV chef Gordon Ramsay has added his voice to the mix, defending Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham, who was referenced as one of the “nepo babies.”

During lockdown, Peltz-Beckham discovered a passion for cooking and was invited to showcase his skills on the U.S. TV programme Today. He continues to post cooking videos on Instagram, having launched his series Cookin’ With Brooklyn in February 2022. The aspiring chef has caught criticism from fans, with many pointing out he’s not professionally trained, yet still getting high-profile opportunities. The 23-year-old most recently was criticised over his “Sunday roast” skills, with many viewers saying his beef looked “raw.”

Now, family friend and TV chef Ramsay has defended Peltz-Beckham. “Brooklyn has grown up with my kids and is the son of dear friends of ours,” Ramsay told Mail Online. “I haven’t seen the video of his supposedly ‘raw’ beef, but even as a 12-year-old, whilst playing football, Brooklyn was always excited about food. So I’m pleased he’s gone down that road and he’s found something he really enjoys doing.”

Appearing to wage into the “nepo baby” debate, Ramsay went on to say: “'It's hard, isn't it? Because he [Brooklyn] didn't ask for that level of intrusion from having famous parents. It probably came off a certain way, but it's not his fault. So I have no issues against it. I'm excited. We have another chef joining the mix.”