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Meredith's Love Triangle Is Far From Over On Grey's, Says Giacomo Gianniotti

Team MerLuca lives.

Giacomo Gianniotti teases Meredith and DeLuca's future on Grey's Anatomy.
Raymond Liu/ABC

A new episode of Grey's Anatomy hasn't aired since April, but that isn't stopping Giacomo Gianniotti from teasing what awaits our beloved docs when Season 17 kicks off, particularly when it comes to his character's love life. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gianniotti weighed in on Meredith and DeLuca's future together on Grey's, hinting that not all hope is lost for the former couple, despite the fact that Richard Flood, who plays Cormac "McWidow" Hayes, has been bumped to a series regular.

"In the beginning... I think it was clear he was having a hard time getting his foot in the door in that triangle," Gianniotti said of the new pediatrics doctor. "And by the end of it, because of DeLuca’s mental health, he really did not do any great favors for himself or for Meredith in terms of their relationship, leading Richard['s character] to be much more desirable and stable and more of a compatible partner."

However, Gianniotti believes a huge chunk of DeLuca's arc in Season 17 will be dedicated to mending the many bridges he burned last season while to coming to terms with his bipolar disorder, starting with his ex. "I think this season will feature a lot of DeLuca trying to make up for his wrongs, things he said, things he did 'cause he's unstable," the actor continued. "And Meredith, trying to reconcile that or not, and Richard's character trying to continue to pursue Meredith. I think it's something that we still are interested in. We still want to play that; it's fun to watch."

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And as for whether or not he still thinks Mer and DeLuca are endgame, Gianniotti confirms that, even now, he is still firmly in Team MerLuca's corner. "They definitely have a great compatibility. I definitely think they have a lot of chemistry," he admitted to ET. "I think of them as people who are opposites but you're attracted because of that. You sort of complement each other or fill each other's gaps in a way." He continued, "They're yin and yang in the sense that they're in different places in their lives. They've had different experiences in their lives, and these are the things that complete each other. But I think that they have a good shot."

This isn't the only teaser Gianniotti has shared with fans regarding what could take place throughout the upcoming season. In a separate interview with ET, he revealed that there will be a time jump in Grey's Anatomy Season 17 in order to accommodate a coronavirus storyline. "We're going to start the season about a month and a half [into] full COVID, so it's going to take place a little beyond where we left off in the last season," he told the outlet.

Perhaps that storyline will even help play a part in Meredith little love triangle situation. After all, there's nothing like a worldwide pandemic to bring doctors closer together.