Harry Styles' "Golden" Video Gives Off Major Call Me By Your Name Vibes

Your heart rate is about to increase tenfold.

Harry Styles Golden music video
YouTube / Harry Styles

For most One Direction fans, the sight of Harry Styles alone will drastically increase their heart rate — and now that his new music video for "Golden" has arrived, they might just want to call an ambulance. After nearly a week of teasing, Styles finally dropped the scenic, sunset-hued video on Monday, Oct. 26. And if the mere sight of Styles doesn't leave fans breathless, watching the former One Direction star run through the streets of Italy surely will.

The new video, directed by longtime collaborators Ben and Gabe Turner, sees Styles sprinting directly toward viewers through mysterious tunnels, tree-lined hills, and full-on traffic along Italy's Amalfi Coast. When he's not running, the singer is either driving along the coastline (while wearing fancy gloves, of course) or taking a dip in a hidden creek. The Italian locale and luscious scenery basically makes this video Styles' version of Call Me By Your Name, but now you are the Oliver to his Elio, which is surely enough to make any fan faint.

"Golden" marks the fifth single from Styles' sophomore album Fine Line, which was recently named one of the 500 Best Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone. His previous single "Watermelon Sugar" hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, marking his first chart-topper as a solo artist.

Fans found out that Styles was filming a new video in Italy back in September, when onlookers spotted Styles filming in the streets. The video was first teased on the Twitter account of Eroda, the fictional land revealed in Styles' "Adore You" video, which tweeted a simple sunset emoji on Oct. 21. Now that the clip has finally been revealed, fans can't get enough of the singer's flashy looks, his impressive driving skills, and even his yellow rain hat.

If the "Golden" video wasn't enough to thrill Styles' fan base, today also marked the first day of filming on his new movie Don't Worry Darling. His co-star, Florence Pugh, announced in an Instagram Story that filming had officially begun on their highly anticipated thriller, which is being directed by Olivia Wilde. Although the film currently doesn't have a scheduled release date, fans can rest knowing they have a lot more Styles content to come.